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Haiti - Senator Joseph Lambert will NOT go to Vertieres on 18 November. Find out why

Senateur Joseph Lambert - Moise Jean Charles Haitian Senator Joseph Lambert announced he will not attend the 18 November ceremony at Vertières in Cap Haitien this year because of what Moise Jean Charles did. more »

Haiti - First time since 1995, the Haitian Army gather in Vertieres to Celebrate Haitian Army Day

The Haitian Military at the foot of the Vertières Momument The Haitian army, which was disbanded back in 1995, will celebrate 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Army Day, for the first time in 22 years. more »

Haiti: Vertieres 2017 - Goverment officials gather at the Vertieres Momunent

Haiti: Vertières 2017 - Goverment officials gather at the Vertières Momunent Haiti, 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Governmentt officials gather at the Vertières Monument in Cap-Haitien to Commemorate the 214-year anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the battle which gave Haiti it's independence. more »

18 Novembre 2017 - Commemoration of the 214 years of the Battle of Vertieres has begun

Haiti Decor, Commemoration of the 214 years of the Battle of Vertières Cap Haitien, 18 Novembre 2017, The commemoration of the 214 years of the Battle of Vertières has begun, President Jovenel Moise is live at the Vertiere Momunent... more »

SCOOP: Haiti President Jovenel Moise Booed in Cap Haitien

Haiti Moun OKAP di Booooo, Aba President Jovenel Moise! Haitian president Jovenel Moise received some unfriendly comments (booooooo!) Live, en direct!, in person, by a group of hostile citizens in Cap-Haitien Monday. more »

Haiti Transition - President Jocelerme Privert Visits Nothern Haiti

Jocelerme Privert - Provisional President of Haiti Haiti interim president Jocelerme Privert visited Nothern and Northeastern Haiti Friday, 18 Mar 2016... There are no detail about his visit... more »

Haiti Campaign Trail - JOVENEL Moise Fills Up a Gymnasium in Cap-Haitien

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Campaigning in Cap Haitien, 01 Dec 2015 While LAPEH Candidate for president Jude Celestin is wasting valuable time from the campaign trail, PHTK candidate JOVENEL Moise just filled up a gymnasium in Cap-Haitien Tuesday during his official campaign opening in the northern city... more »

FLASH : Haiti - BIG Manifestation Anti-Election in Cap-Haitien under Heavy Police Escort

Moise Jean Charles nan Manifestation Cap-Haitien BREAKING NEWS... Cap Haitien Haiti, Tuesday, 17 Nov -- There is a BIG Anti-Election protest happening now in the city of Cap-Haitien and it is under heavy police escort according to news reports... Protesters are chanting: "Bare Opont, Nou pap Manje Bannan!!!" more »

FLASH : Haiti Manifestation In Cap Haitien Saturday, Thousands of Moise Jean Charles Fans in the Streets

Haiti Senateur Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation au Cap Haitien Breaking News... Happening now... Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Cap Haitien Saturday... A journalist live on the scene reported, it is a pro Moise Jean Charles manifestation... Protesters are trying to head to Vertiere but police wants to gear them toward the city center... more »

Senate Moise Jean Charles anonse Manifestation 12 Janvier au Cap Haitien

Denye Nouvel... Ancien Senatè Moise Jean Charles anonse ke pwal gen yon gwo manifestation jounen 12 Janvier 2015 la nan ville Cap Haitien pou mande depa president Michel Martelly... more »