Anti-Martelly Haiti Protests

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Haiti Opposition new CRY: For us to go to the Elections, Martelly has to go to Prison... REALLY?

ABA MARTELLY - Protesters in Haiti burn a white coffin with slogan I've been keeping eye on latest Haiti anti-Government protest and it seems like the protest songs have changed since the announcements of a possible elections this coming October 2014... "Non non non nou pap ale... Si pou nou ale nan election, fòk Martelly ale nan prison, ak tout Lamothe..." (Translation: We are not going to the elections unless President Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamonthe goes to prison)... I don't see how you can negociate your way out of that? more »

Anti-Government Manifestation in Haiti - Protesters asking Laurent Lamothe to resign

Depute Arnel Belizaire ak bèl abiman wouj li... There was another protest in Haiti this Thursday, 19 June 2014 and this time the demand was for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to leave office, according to Depute Arnel Belizaire who seems to be "a la tèt" of the latest anti-government protest in Haiti... more »

Arcahaie Haiti - Protesters Storm through Courthouse office and Rip President Martelly photo off the wall

Haiti - President Martelly Portrait Ripped Off a Courthouse Wall Following an incident at Arcahaie involving Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles and a prison guard, the Senator's followers stormed through the judge's office at the Arcahaie courthouse and ripped the photo of President Michel Martelly from the wall... more »

Eske pep Ayisyen konnen li pa bon pou yon peyi ap chanje gouvenman nan mitan manda-l?

Senateur Moise Jean-Charles nan Manifestation Haiti 15 Avril 2014 Mezanmi... An nou fè yon ti chita koze... Nan zafè politik peyi Dayiti, opposition an gen yon sel agenda... FOK MARTELLY ALE... Manifestation sou manifestation... Si sa ta rive fèt, kilès k-ap benefisye? PEP LA? OSWA Lidè opposition yo? Men sa mwen sot li sou yon lot sit entènèt: more »

The Haiti News Headlines are getting UGLIER... Is that what we ALL want?

Mad Haitian This is the headline that went out in the news wires about today's Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti: "Latest anti-government protest in Haiti turns violent with tear gas, rocks and gun shots..." Exactly what the opposition wanted... They want to overthrow the government... Is that GOOD or BAD for HAITI? I don't think they care! more »

VIDEO: Anti-Martelly protestors singing "Prese prese voye Martelly ale"

Depute Arnel Belizaire in Anti-Martelly Protest - 17 Oct 2013 Watch the video... Tande kisa manifestan anti-Martelly sa yo ap chante: "Prese prese voye-l ale... Martelly di l-ap kraze chanm nan avan-l ale, prese prese voye-l ale..." more »