FLASH: Six Haitians shot by Dominican soldiers at the border with Belladère

Bad news from the Haiti-Dominican Border at Belladere... There were exchanges of gunfire between Haitian civilians and Dominican soldiers on the Haitian side of the border where six Haitian were wounded...

According to news reports, it all started when Dominican customs authorities were forcing Dominican carriers exiting the Dominican border in the direction of Belladere to pay proper customs fees. Some Haitian drivers opposed that decision, Le Nouvelliste Reported, which resulted into what happened.

Belladere Haiti Mayor Macklish Ledoux told the Haitian newspaper:

"These Dominican drivers were about to pay the customs duty at home. But Haitian drivers opposed it. These Haitian drivers are at the root of this tension on the border. It was none of their business to get involved in matters that only concerned Dominican drivers with the customs of their country."

The Belladere mayor also reported that Haitian drivers were the first to fire their weapons at Dominican soldiers who fought back and wounded six Haitian compatriots.

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Mezanmi, aprann di la verite, tande!!!! Nou mantè trôp!!!! Siman an soti legalman nan Dwann peyi RD.

Kontrebandye ayisyen yo konbine ak 9 chofè dominiken pou yo pat rive nan kontrôl La Dwann ayisyèn lan ak siman an.

Yo fè debake l lè yo fynn pase fontyè a, on fason pou yo pa peye dwa de dwann an Ayiti.

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Subject: FLASH: Six Haitians shot by Dominican soldiers at the border with Belladere edit

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