Sell A Different Image Of Haiti - President Martelly Message To The Diaspora

Haiti president Michel Martelly sent a strong message to Haitians in Diaspora to STOP saying Haiti will never change and instead to sell a different message that Haiti is a great country.

Watch the video...

Note: Pay attention to the sound bites at the end of the video and you will understand how difficult this simple task is for most Haitians...

One man said he has no idea what the hell the president is talking about and another man other comments: "Se moun sa yo wi kap rele nan radio-a" (yep... it is these people, these naysayers who are constantly calling the Haitian radio stations)

President Martelly says...

"What I am asking you is... When we are talking about Haiti, "an nou pale de yon bel bagay" (let us talk about a Beautiful thing)

We have this mentality... we all want haiti to be better, yet when WE Haitians are talking about Haiti, we have the tendency to say "Ah.. peyi-a pa bon, peyi sa-a pap janm chanje..." (this country is no good, this country will never change)

It is US who must first sell a beautiful image of our beloved Haiti.

It s US who must say: "Yes, Haiti has it's problems, but Haiti is a great country..."

It is US who must say: "The most beautiful sunshine in the world is in Haiti... The most beautiful beaches on this planes are in Haiti..."


I believe that Haiti will get better when we get better; however, I don't know of any previous president who went on a campaign to promote Haiti starting with its own people... something that Haiti needs...

What do you think about this initiative by President Martelly to sell a positive image of Haiti?

Are you planning to do your part and to promote "Haiti the beautiful" starting today?

Do you think you have the ability to teach yourself and the others around you to think positive when thinking and talking of Haiti?

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Jojoline says...

Je suis d'accord avec le President de la Republique d'Haiti monsieur Michel Joseph Martelly quand il demande de nous fermer si nous ne pouvons pas vendre une bonne image de notre pays.

Tout ce qu'il dit j'ai l'habitude de faire ce reproche aux nombreux Haitiens qui disent parfois ce pays il faut le bruler et le recommencer, ce pays il faut detruire tout le monde et le recommencer.

Je pensais qu'apres le seisme qui a ravage le pays, tues un nombre considerables de nos grands parents, nos parents, nos enfants sans compter ceux que la terre a englouti que les haitiens allaient se conformer et ne jamais denigrer leur pays et de ne jamais jeter des mauvais sorts sur leur pays, malheureusement, la majeur partie d'entre-nous n'avons rien appris et compris de cette catastrophe.

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Gabby says...


I disagree with you sister.

Most medias never portray Haiti as the Pearl of the Caribbeans that she is. I have encountered many people at my job where I would tell them that I'm from Haiti and they would be clueless as to where that is. And for those who knew they had a negative notion of our country.

Some even dare to tell me that I don't look

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Bernadette says...

I don't believe we have to "sell a better image of Haiti".

Haiti's beauty speaks for itself.

As soon as one stepped foot in Haiti, the beauty is stunningly intoxicating.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kenold, you forget to tell him about the island of Lagonave beach fronts.

Too much to list them

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Kenold Pierre says...

Riccolo, I can take you to 5 beaches in Haiti ;Couchobe :Port -Magot.

Cormier: Au Cap du Nord.

Labadie :au Cap.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Ricolo Ricolo, please be honest with yourself
Are you one of those Lavalas asshole who had the head buried in the sand and follow the asshole Aristide around like baby ostrich?

It's mot your fault, i am sorry ! Wait a minute, oh yeah the only bitches you know is your mother, aunts,sisters, cousins and the only beach front you know is Cite Simone, alias "Cite Soleil".

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Ricolo Ricolo says...

Thomas your country has best abcdBitches not

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Qween says...

at thomas hes saying it to show us we have to kerp our heads up and appreciate our country, instead of saying we dont have this and that...the jamaicans always say their country is better, not because they cocky, but because thats what bring tourists in...

And at www, are you living in pluto, or you're just a clueless

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Wwww, please go to the nearest Cosco, eggs are very cheap there, buy six dozen of them and suck all of them, don't rush please take your time.
If you are allergic with eggs go to the nearest farm start fucking all the animals you can

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Thomas says...

www, what do you mean by what the hell he is talking about, may be you are not haitian, or may be you don, t much about haiti and haitian and no offense may be you are one of those who hhid behing a curtain in a big country claim or try to make people (foreigner) believe that you are a different nationality.

i mean if you are a real hatian, you should know what the hell he is talking about.

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