Question: Why does Haiti Government invite foreign diplomats in our internal affairs?

This question was raised in a recent tweet in regards to the protocol of the State of Haiti: Why does the Haitian government invite foreign diplomats in all our internal affairs?

Every freaking activity that the Haitian government is doing they invite the "Corps Diplomatique."


U.S. President Donald Trump, France president Emmanuel Macron, they do not invite our Haitian ambassadors in their internal affairs, Cyrus Sibert (Reseau Citadelle) said on his twitter page.

"We must correct this ridiculous situation by adopting a protocol that is consistent with our status as an independent country. The presence of the diplomatic corps should be limited to national holidays, without any obligation," he said.

Mr Sibert makes a very good point...

I grew up in the United States through the presidencies Ronald Reagan, Georges Bush, Bill Clinton, Georges W. Bush, Barack Obama, and my favorite Donald Trump, and NOT once have have I heard that the Haitian Ambassador was invited as part of a diplomatic corps to attend any kind of government event in the United Sates.

What do you think about that?

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Yon Haitien Sou Whatsapp says...

Anbasadè peyi pisan isit pa chita regle afè resotisan yo nan peyi a, se enpoze e toujou rantre nan tout seremoni, nan tout afè sekrè yon peyi.

Menm nan dosye agrikilti, dosye sansib entèn yon peyi ap promenen nan dèyè yon prezidan tout jounen.

Se komsi fok yo la pou lòd la egzekite alalèt.

Men jomo komanse konprann.

Mpa kwè se endepandan nou pa endepandan.

Se san esklavaj la ki poko soti nan Venn

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Sony Vilbrun says...

Le fait que le Gouverment haitien invite les Ambassadeurs etrangers dans les affaires internes du pays est tout simplement que la majoritee des oeuvres sont financées par ces pays

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Rza says...

That's because we're truly not independent...

It sounds good on paper...

As a so called independent country you're still depending on France, Canada, and the United States to fund your election.

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Haiti Opinions says...

Cette question a été soulevée dans un récent tweet concernant le protocole de l'État d'Haïti: Pourquoi le gouvernement haïtien invite-t-il des diplomates étrangers dans toutes nos affaires internes?

Toutes les activités que fait le gouvernement haïtien, il invite le "Corps Diplomatique".


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