The Queen of Spain to build a hospital for Haitians, IN the Dominican Republic???

This the kind of news that make you say WTF!!! But I don't make the news!!! --- Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz who recently visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic promises to build a hospital to serve Haitians but, she is going to build it in the Dominican Republic.

Let's pause so you can digest what you just read...

NO... I am not lying...

Read this from Dominican Newspaper Listin Diario:

"In her recent official visit to the Dominican Republic and to Haiti, Queen Letizia, from Spain, promised to contribute the resources to build a dermatological hospital in Jimaní, province of Independencia, to serve mainly Haitian patients."

And that's all I have to say about that, like the great Forrest Gump said

The Queen of Spain visit Haiti, some photos... The Queen of Spain visit Haiti, some photos...

What do you think?

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Goldstein says...

hello woodring,
I usually dislike kings and queens, I think it's so obsolete.This one is sickening, but pretty it seems.She reminds me a girl friend i had, not so long ago.She was a cheat, a liar ..I remember she was spanish, by the way.If
that spanish queen was not a queen, she
could be the queen of the rue saint Denis, in Paris.Any male tourist or frenchman will tell you about this street.This spanish queen is a perfect
puta, woodring.Take care, my

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Patrick Princivil says...

The Queen of Spain tried to play a game with the Haitian government,

tell her thank you without

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Judith says...

Pou kisa li te alé Ayiti ppu la fom Tet chajé pou peyi

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Incroyable Mais Vrai!!!

La reine d'Espagne Letizia Ortiz, qui a récemment visité Haïti et la République Dominicaine, promet de construire un hôpital pour servir les Haïtiens mais elle va le construire en République Dominicaine.

Lisez ceci du journal dominicain //"> Listin Diario:

"Lors de sa récente visite officielle en République dominicaine et en Haïti, la reine Letizia, d'Espagne, a promis de contribuer à la construction d'un hôpital dermatologique à Jimaní, province d'Independencia, pour servir principalement les patients

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Subject: The Queen of Spain to build a hospital for Haitians, IN the Dominican Republic??? edit

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