President Jovenel Moise in favor of another Haitian Constitution

Haitian president Jovenel Moise is pleading for a new constitution in Haiti, a constitution that will give the president more power.

Konstitisyon Se Papye, Bayonet Se Fe

Does a Haitian president really has the power to get things done?

Often times you hear in Haiti that "le president est mineur," it is a term used to say the president of Haiti is only a figurehead with no real constitutional power. The president is the chief of state, the Prime Minister is the head or government, hence the man with the real power to get things done.

Haiti Constitution Creole

"Haiti is tired with this Constitution," President Jovenel Moise said.

"Not only is the Constitution a source of political crisis for the country, but it is also incompatible with our culture."

"The Haitian people is a presidential people. Everything that does not work is attributed to the president. All the problems in the country are the responsibility of the president. Yet the Constitution grants extremely limited powers to the President of the Republic, " Jovenel Moise said.

The president made it ver clear:

"I'm not talking about a constitutional amendment today," he said, "I am talking about a constitutional revision, because Haiti is ungovernable with this Constitution."

"When I speak of constitutional revision, I want it to be clear in everyone's mind, it is not for President Jovenel, it is the next President who will benefit from this constitutional amendment."

President Jovenel Moise EFE Interview

President Jovenel said he campained to have the constution amended but now realizes the Haitain constitution of 1987 prevents the emancipation and development of the country.

With the Haitian constition as it is now, Haiti will have political stability, President Jovenel Moise said speaking to EFE, a Spanish news organizaiton.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Date nap fout pilon-nen dwa nou-men m Diaspora anba pyé nou?

Michel Martelly ak Lamothe sé Amériken ak anpil lot anko, prémyé minis Amériken, Canaien, Fransè fè kenken, pati démokrat la clean yo, pou té di yo pat Amériken, Michel Martelly ak Lamothe té l klè nan ouvenman lakay Miami, ké mwatyé mou-n nan palman sété diaspora Amériken, Canadien ak lot péyi; épi dépi yonlôt diaspora al pozé kanida l an Ayiti pou yon post nan létaa, nou fout ralé konstitisyon 1987 la, nou fwapél nan figi yo, komsi laa, Ayiti sé pou papa nou ak manan nou liyé?

Nou ranmasé lajan Pétro Caribé a nal séré nan lôt péyi, ki mou-n nou kon-nen nou yé?

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