President Jimmy Carter Going To Leogane Haiti

US President Jimmy Carter is going to Haiti, Leogane Haiti, to build 100 new houses... He wont be alone...

Jimmy Carter Leogane Haiti Housing Project

According to a news release, President Jimmy Carter and his wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, joined by Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford and hundreds of volunteers, gathered in Atlanta to kick off the 28th annual Habitat for Humanity Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

President and Mrs. Carter are flying to Haiti with the volunteers tomorrow where together they will build 100 homes in partnership with earthquake-affected families.

Volunteers will build 100 houses during the week. The build will take place in the Santo community or Leogane, where homes will be built with families currently living in tents and other temporary structures, according to Habitat for Humanity via

Bon... Kite koze pran pawol...

Te Kwe President Jean Claude Duvalier te di konsa... oh wi... he came back to Haiti to help rebuild Leogane, the beloved city of Manman Simone... epi misye kite se US President Jimmy Carter ki pral bati kay nan Leogane... LOL...

What do you think about this? Jimmy Carter's trip I mean... Ba Divalier vag...

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Bernadette says...

Ex-President Carter did not want to outshine the other Ex-President Clinton.

Like Mr. Clinton said that he wants to help put President Obama in a new light that is needed right now the help Mr. Obama stay in the presidential election for a second term. Hmmm, I wonder if there is connection between Clinton's wanting more space and Carter stepping

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Yves says...

Pou problem USA gen yin, mwen pa kwe Presidan Jimmy Carter pral fe you bagay serie pou Haiti.

Se nou Haitien pou ki fe pou payi nou. Bagay sa yo se mannev politisien.


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Jeffco Raymond says...

God bless America And I hope Jimmy Carter stay focus and confident civilize the nation for a better developments..- Jeffco

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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

The former President Jimmy Carter and his wife made
a smart move. That's what I was waiting for.
Why they took so long. I have been waiting for that man since

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Garry Desyin says...

Baby doc is just one of the Ns who would robe, kill and sell black folks for a penny.

Baby duck doesn't know the value of his color nor his people.

How Haitians he sold back into slavery?

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E. Louissaint says...

si yo te quite tranquil li ta guin tan pou li pense yo chage moune pou yo emerde neg la te gin 19 ans le papa te bal oun pouvow.

please live him

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Wilfrid says...

m pa kwe se premie fwa evenman frape HAITI.

m te la le Davis te pase e sete sou Jn Claude li te ye lemoun etie tap kye nou te geyen lape pase nan tan saa tout moun te rete kote you te dwe rete, HAITI pat janm bezwen etranje ni DIASPORAT, te genyen ajan foresye ti te ede kembe fore nan peyi, depi evenman sa fwape peyi chak jou m tande bagay kap fe tout tan m'al HAITI m jwen tout moun ap viv janm te kite yoa, apre tout lajan mwen ou ak lot you bay la, ou gen dwow pou pense saw vle menm panse nou ta dwe wont, pase mwen timoun ki fet apre Duvalier pa gen chan we HAITI cheri e mwen kwe ke nou yo pou eta mwen avek ou fe peyi laa, AVAN OU PALE OUVE JEW GADE HATI AVAN DUVALIE E HAITI APRE

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A J Nyc says...

oh by the way..yon kriminel notwa kom janklod ta sipoze peye pou tout krim li fe kont pitit peyi aak kont limanite.

epoutan li tounen vin pase ayisyen nan

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A J Nyc says...

hi woojie, whats up?

imagine how long that fool has spent in power in this country.

the best things he has done for the nation were killing, stealng, crimes in violence in all forms.

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Bernadette says...

If Carter means business, I will not mind volunteering myself for a few weeks.

That's the least I can

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