President Aristide Is Planning His Return to Haiti But... The Headlines...

Before Or After The Election? President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is currently planning his return to Haiti and it seems his return may be BEFORE there is an elected president sworn into office in an already torn down palais National. The headlines are bothering me... Really!


Is this return GOOD for Haiti or for Aristide?

This is something for you to really think about whether you like the guy or not!

Reuters headline reads...

Haiti's Aristide: a man of charisma and controversy

"The expected return home of... President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has stirred passions with supporters hailing him as a potential national savior and critics -- including Western powers -- warning his homecoming could be divisive and disruptive...."

Reuters again... Joseph Guyler Delva writes:

Analysis: Aristide to return, but as Haiti spoiler or savior?

"He [Aristide] insists he will now go back to Haiti, although he has kept everyone guessing about the timing.

But the possibility that this could happen before the March run-off has led the United States, the United Nations and other major western donors to signal they would view such a move as, at best, unhelpful, and at worst, potentially dangerous."

In that same article, Mark Schneider, senior vice president of the International Crisis Group think tank says...

"Knowing this, it would seem that if he [Aristide] truly wanted to help Haiti, he would remain away at least until after a new government is sworn into office"

Aristide wrote in a recently published statement:

I will return to Haiti to the field I know best and love: education

He says he wants to return and participate in Haitian life as a private citizen... He wants to be involved in EDUCATION and not POLITICS.


If Jean Bertrand Aristide really wants to return to Haiti for education and NOT politics, do you think he is at least thinking about returning to Haiti at a time that would be LESS controversial POLICITALLY?

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Fara Dimanche says...

se sa li ye wi Wikenson Djakout Mete pou yo...min ou red deye Micky

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R.c says...


Your message is a classic that i hope will be given its due attention.

It is true that folks are only talking about US, France, Cananda and even Brazil as possible barriers to his reture, but there is another factor - Rome.

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Mitch says...

I am not well educated in to the imbecility of those who have swallowed the fake logic of doom and gloom .May be I am singularly stupid and blind.

I refuse to believe the concoction of those who are afraid of thinking independently from what " blanc" wants us of to think.

I have been living in the US for 30 years almost, I have never seen an American citizen denied access to his country and there are many American troublemakers who travelled regularly in and out of the country.

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Toulimen says...

There should have any pressure on the South African government to delay Aristide's return.

Aristide does not have any army in Haiti and he cannot be a trouble maker for Haiti.

He loves Haiti and he wants to help in the education sector, he should return before the upcoming elections and if he decides to vote he will vote too for the new president.

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Sergo Jean says...

Monche mwen avec ou 100% paske se consa mwen we bagay yo nou bezwen moyen de comunicasyon pou fe mesaj sa yo pase bay lot mounn nan pep la .sa mande pou nou arive pa pe neg cap fe nou pe yo. campe pou defand la verite avec tout force nou.mwen cre nou bezwen cheche sa kalite ki bon lakay mounn sa yo epi travay avec yo pou yon ayiti

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Wikenson Djakout says...

haiti te dwe gen twa pati politik:Lavalas, Duvalyeris ak lot yo. Se de pati politik sa yo ki gen moun deye yo lot yo ale chita.

se sel le gen elesyon ou tande yo men le peyi a gen pwoblem yo pa la.Pi ga moun kritike aristide, Jean Claude nou tout se vole pa gen nou youn ki bon dat yo ale anyen pa regle se nou ayisyen ki pa bon.Tout bagay se prezidan epi nou sere lajan nou nan peyi etranje.

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Brezil Dieulet says...

Brothers and sisters, now we have to know that is a hard law...

When an injury is done to us, we never recorver until we forgive and forget.

Forgiveness is love practiced among people who love poorly.

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Ricardo says...

I repeat and i repeat again, i was in Haiti when he was the President of Terror.

I move from United States after he got elected to Haiti, opening a Business, hoping that change was on the way.Let me tell you, that was my worst experience in my life.
People were threating my family, my business, for no reasons saying that i was a macoute.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba, agreed with you 100%, now it's too late.
It's reflection time and i see it's look like the people eyes are wide open for some reason.

We need to stay come for now and keep your eyes open

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Tiba says...

Think people, think!

The return of Aristide in Haiti is all the work of Preval!

You MUST ALL remember the pledge Preval made with the lavalas supporters in 2006. Preval had promised them to bring Aristide back if they elected him and that was the sole reason Preval got elected in 2006.

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