Playing Dominoes - Haitian Palace Police Caught By President Martelly

DOUB SIS FE DE KABES - Here is a funny article to start your weekend off with LOL... President Martelly caught Haitian policemen playing dominoes at the Presidential Palace! Yes... LOL... Really....

Woody, How do you know about these things?

Let me tell you...

I went to a Haitian restaurant to order some "Diri Kole and Ke Bef." While I am sitting there, ticked off because my food was taking too long, when suddenly, a customer tells me...

"Ou pa tande? Prezidan Martelly kenbe la police andedan Palais-a wi... k-ap jwe domino!"


I thought it was a joke until I found the following text embedded in an article posted

The article says...

"le chef de l'Etat ... confie avoir personnellement ordonne a des policiers d'interrompre une partie de domino en plein palais présidentiel"

Translation please...

"President Martelly... says he personally ordered some policemen to interrupt their game of dominoes AT presidential palace"

There you have it... Have a great weekend...

I cannot wait to read what you have to say about this...

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Tidjo says...

mwen rentre nan la cour palais a mwen wet neg yo ap jwe domino sou Preval kom se prezidan pa care li ye mwen pa di anrien, antouka Martelly pap pran sa nan main

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France ) 17 mai

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Myrtho says...

I am not surprised at all because we have to remember that our system of government was based on corruption for longest time .It is normal practice for even the police to be very unethical.

This department needs to be under new management and new training with new rules and new payroll regulations .Eventhough teachers and police officers have the lowest paying jobs, a regular pay check will help in providing for their family needs.The new President needs to find a way to deliver a secured salary to those people who are responsible for the security of the country .A manner that will bring an influx of tourist visits in Haiti which will contribute to one of the financial resources needed to put the country on track.Even the richest countries rely on tourism for economical changes.This cannot be done overnight but many offering incentives can change people attitudes toward a more constructive brainstorming specially our

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent x, i knew i would touch your soft spot for asking to fire the top brass encircling crimes, drugs involvement in Haiti.

Sorry buddy this come out natural in me.
The facts are after about 6 months all those where already cruising in new cars and built chateaus and well connected to the crime system in Haiti.

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Miloudi says...

I am sure no one is surprise if we r we r just as stupid as Haitian living in Haiti.

MR Martelli know the deal in Haiti he is not Stupid However he could only do so much because Haiti is under the spell of ARISTIDE AND OTHER.

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Agent-x says...

This is very disturbing for Jean Pierre Alexander.

He is traveling from blog to blogs including Martelly blog trying to advice President Martelly on the worst Draconian actions.

This guy is worst than Madame Max Aldople, Boss Paint, Tassy,Francois, Markess Prosper, Latayade,Ti Bobo

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

The head police need to be fired and the rest of the bastards need re-trainings just arrest those involve in crimes like zinglindos, kidnappings, getting bribes from the taptap drives for moving violation, in drugs.

Drug is a good reason to fire all the top

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Harold Fleurine says...

To all of you Guy's who choice the Haitians Police I'm sorry for all of you.I already know the corronpt haitian police are part of the insecurity of haiti, they have nothing to offer just insecurity, yo toujou presantez tet yo kom you ti-mouton deryer

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Greg says...

Pagen excuse la ou pa bien

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Miejo says...

well it is probably a good signe that means the country does't have anything to worry about, it's safe every where to a point police men are playing domino...

plaisanterie de

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