The opposition in Haiti sucks big time, frustrated Haitians are saying

In other democratic countries, the opposition keeps an eye on the missteps of the politicians in power to advance their cause. In Haiti it is different. In Haiti the opposition is more like "wete ko'w pou m mete kò m" (move aside so I can take your place).

Opposition Day Grand Opening Inside the Haitian Government
Opposition Day Grand Opening Inside the Haitian Government

In every other country in the world, there exists an opposition but in Haiti we set up the opposition in a completely different way, one colleague said in a a discussion.

Democrat and Republicans in the United States are in a constant battle to take control of the White House or the majority in parliament but there is no fighting in the streets, no barricades, no militants preventing children from going to school or employees from going to work, a Diaspora argued.

These days, the words being used to describe the opposition in Haiti is purely negative in every way. it is as though Haitians can see clearly that this is a war for selfish gains, not a mission to better the lives of the Haitian people.

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Yanick says...

The people are uneducated so it is easy for the opposition to manipulate the crowd into the wrong decision for the country.

The country needs a military to get control of the country.

Push the people out of the capital, the President steps down and a prime minister should be put in place to move the country forward.

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Gerry says...

That's the way it's always been in Haiti.

I wonder why is it so easy for Haitians to always have just 1 claim: FOL ALE. This is the norme in our country.

These so called oppositions don't give us a chance to retire in our country.

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Opposition En Haiti says...

Ces jours-ci, les mots utilisés pour décrire l'opposition en Haïti sont purement négatifs à tous égards.

c'est comme si les Haïtiens pouvaient voir clairement qu'il s'agissait d'une guerre pour des gains égoïstes et non d'une mission d'amélioration de la vie du peuple haïtien.

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