Haiti Environment: NGOs are using the environment to make big money but nothing is getting done, Official said

There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Haiti who are making their bread and butter behalf of the environment but, in reality, they are doing absolutely nothing for the environment.

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For Pierre Simon Georges, Haiti's Minister of the Environment, who accompanied president Jovenel in Paris as part of the One Planet Summit, the environment is "a livelihood" for NGOs and individuals. They are taking advantage of the weakness of the institutions of the state (l'Etat Haitien) to make their butter, Haitian Newspaper reports...

According to Ministre Pierre Simon Georges, Haiti has been facing an environmental disaster for several years. Every drop of rain reminds him.

For the minister, the main culprit is the state.

"The state did not educate itself from an environmental point of view and so did not educate the population either," he says.

"We have completely neglected our environment. The rivers for more than a quarter of a century have never been cleaned, the watersheds have not been treated, reforestation in Haiti left to the mercy of the NGOs that make their livelihoods. They use the environment to make money. They spend on behalf of the environment and not the environment."

Haiti Environmental projects often stay in laptops, the minister says. In other words, the money is spend but nothing gets done.


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Alexa says...

It is not clear in this article how the NGO make big money out of trying to help the people.

Be specific.


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Eunice Tassone says...

This is a generality.

There are many NGO's, particularly in the mountains, who have been working for many years trying to control the erosion problems that have existed since the Haitians started living in the mountains after the revolution.

The people continue to cut down trees because selling charcoal keeps food on the table.

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Subject: Haiti Environment: NGOs are using the environment to make big money but nothing is getting done, Official said edit

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