New Haiti Election Billboards, Something Students Can Use!

How do you campaign for the Haiti elections and help the school kids at the same time? Candidate Yves Cristalin has an idea... Find out what it is... Read this...

While many Haitian candidates for presidents are spending a fortune on expensive billboards, Cristalin came up with a clever idea.

Why not give out school supplies as campaign paraphernalia?


The elections in Haiti coincides with he opening of school in Haiti and many parents don't have money to send their kids to school.

Those who do don't have money to purchase school supplies.

Guess what Yves Cristalin did...

He decided to spend some of his campaign money on school bags, notebooks, pens, and pencils with his campaign slogan "Cris Kapab" printed on it instead os spending tens of thousands of dollars on billboards.

He then went around giving them out to school kids.

By the way...

Cristalin's campain video is now available online, featuring Kessy from Koudjay...

Watch it now...

(video not available)

Yves Cristalin told the Haitian media that he thought this would a great way to drive the message out there and help out with the opening of school in Haiti at the same time.

What do you think?

Do you think this is a clever idea?

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Minato-alvin says...

As i'm concern about my Haiti.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

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Haiti Pap Mouri says...

tanpri tanpri haiti pa besouin christalin haiti need mr baker please my haitian people we cannot make the same mistake again bay haiti ou

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Garry Destin says...

That'd a man of

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Aujourdhaiti says...

Clever but he's exploiting the situation for his own gain. There's two sides to this one. Parents and kids are happy but they are used as campaign platform.

If you will give, give from the heart.

Don't give because you may get something in

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Mena Moreau says...

Where was Yves on January 12th?

Where was Yves From January 12th to October 12th?

Yves NOW is distributing school supplies to Haitian kids?

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Will Smith says...

Let get ready to vote for CHARLOTI BAKER.

The best candidate with solutions for

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Merlin Christalin says...

mezanmi men kandida nou tap cheche a nen nou jwen li se yves christalin ayiyen ki nan dyaspora rele fanmi ou ayiti pou ale vote kris kapab avek kris kapab na va gen yon souf ale vote nimewo 20

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Harold Fleurine says...

Because i been told there will be no (ELECTIONS IN HAITI)I'm very concern about Preval who took advantage of 6.5 Milions people who about to vote for Wyclef, now preval looking them. He does'nt want wyclef ran for president but he want him to support his kids or his nephew, I think you already SAW what happened in NEW YORK HE NEED WYCLEF SUPPORTERS (DON'T RAN FOR PRESIDENT SORRY I'M SMATER THEN

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Eddy says...

Relax guy. Cristalin's idea is an interesting statement.

I don't believe in written program for Haiti now because the Clinton Bellerive commission already has it. We are looking for vision and, I think what Yves cristalin just did is a mark of the kind of Vision Haiti

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Miggy says...

Every one should be aware, not because he did that means he is the right person to be President of Haiti.

Let us all get warm-up for Mr. Baker.

I love his plan because he had articulated it very

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