More Haiti Protests 8, 9, and 11 Jan 2015 - Martelly must Leave opposition says

More manifestations are announced in Haiti during the next few days, 8, 9 and 11 January 2014 with an ultimate demand... Martelly MUST "rache" his "manyok" (leave office) says Assad Volcy of the opposition platform Pitit Dessalines...

KREYOL: Haiti - Manifestation pi rèd jounen 8, 9, ak 11 Janvye 2015... FOK MARTELLY ALE... deklarasyon Assad Volcy, platform Pitit Dessalin... Eske Martelly ap wè 12 Janvier??? Kisa-w panse???

Nicknamed "Operation Bukina Faso," these series of protests are supposed to be the last stretch of this operation that is supposed to rid Haiti of Martelly for good according the radical opposition...

Keep in mind... Monday 12 Janvier 2015 is Political D-Day in Haiti. unless all goes well in parliament, Martelly will rule by decree...

Will President Michel Martelly live to see 12 Janvier 2015 in Haiti (providentially speaking :)

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Toto Sanpwel says...

Graham Green in full swing !
A more serious move would be to monitor Spain 's legal counter moves to Tropical full swing style Street Manifestations à gogo !Remember ...Spain is no bolbeck / Tchiolorlor country ...Spain is an EU contry !All right

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Patrick Princivil says...

Se politik dyab la mwen pap okipe yo, 12 Janvye map tan pou sak ap fet la

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Herve Joe says...

the opposition party is not strong enough to over through Martelly's government, to me, he will resist til the rest of his term because the strongest part of the opposition party composed by PITIT DESALIN, imagine the LAVALAS and PITI DESALIN are fighting that mean, they are very weak from the root.
I am not a pro Martelly either the opposition party but for change of a new

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Subject: More Haiti Protests 8, 9, and 11 Jan 2015 - Martelly must Leave opposition says edit

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