Moise Jean-Charles minimizes Haiti opposition meeting with Core Group

Regarding the high level meeting between members of Haiti's opposition and the Core Group, former Senator Moise Jean-Charles says "we are throwing it in the trash."

Moise Jean Charles - Haiti Opposition Leader
Moise Jean Charles - Haiti Opposition Leader

"If Pitit Desalin is not in a meeting, that meeting is not important," Opposition leader Moise Jean Charles tole a journalist Tuesday.

Regarding the meeting, the Moise Jean-Charles said it is a game that is being played out, he understands it perfectly and asks the people of Haiti to keep their eyes open.

Moise Jean Charles also minimizes the association that is known as the Core Group in Haiti.

"It is only in Haiti that diplomats, ambassadors, Representatives of United Nations and represents of the Organization of American States form an association," Moise Jean Charles said.

One day Haiti will say enough is enough, Jean Charles said.

Haitian Creole: Men Zin... Moise Jean-Charles jete nan fatra reunion ki te fèt ant Core Group ak Opposition an, Pitit Desalin pat la, li pat enpòtan!

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Max Johnson says...

The problem is that the great fomenter of trouble in Haiti, the USA, is the one being called to solve Haiti's problems.

Talking about calling the devil to settle a dispute he

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Gerard says...

Moise Jean Charles is socially and politically correct regarding the inferiority complex mindset.

What do these "core group" people have against the Haitian people to have a decent lifestyle, like the "European" people have been enjoying for centuries at the expenses of other ethnic group who does not look like them, exploiting their natural resources and converting them with "Jesus" to be docile servants, serving their greedy

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