Michel Martelly Airplane Makes EMERGENCY Landing In Cuba

BREAKING NEWS - The airplane caring Haiti President Michel Martelly to Cuba had to make an Emergency landing... WHAT THE ????

Also read... Update: Plane Carrying President Martelly DID NOT make Emergency Landing

The Associated Press reports...

"A plane carrying 19 Haitian government officials on their way to Cuba to prepare for a presidential visit made an emergency landing Tuesday in the central Cuban city of Camaguey...

The turbo prop plane, which was en route to Havana, had a problem with its air conditioning wiring ... The plane was chartered through Aerolineas Mas, based in the Dominican Republic..."

The President is OK... The plane landed safely they say... There are no injuries reported

TWICE in ONE Week???

What is going on???

O O... Mezanmi...

Fok ou jete yon ti dlo wi Excellence... Pou-w konn de ki prevyen... De ki mannigans... LOL...

This is the second time in less than a week a Haitian government official aircraft had to make an emergency landing...

This past Saturday, Nov 12, A helicopter carrying Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille, Interior Minister Thierry Mayard Paul, and Foreign Minister Laurent Lamothe made an emergency landing in Petion-Ville Haiti...

Now 3 days later... Ni Martelly, ni Thierry Mayard Paul, ni Laurent Lamothe nan Emergency Landing Anko???

This is Crazy... Dont you think?

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Fritznel Myrtil says...

President faire attention lorsque Vs a intention de voyager ns les haitiens nous tres veillatif sur ce cas et Vs connaissez tres bien par rapport a des idees positif et de Bonne marche pr notre

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We need to pray alright, i agree.But we need to stop flying second hand aircraft from DR services.

Those planes in the third world countries coming from grave yard around United States"salvage aircraft is sold to south americas, Africa most of the time".

People getting kill specially in African countries from these junk planes with no PMS(preventive maintenance

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Dr. Acene Jean Pierre says...

Peyi ya bezwen priye, se pa ti dlo pou presidan an jete non men rezilta a dwe soti dans le sang de Jesus.

Tout moun ki se ayisyen konsekan dwe priye san rete pou Bon Dye fe Ayiti grace.

Mesi wooding deske ou ede nou konnen sa kap pase nan peyi ya. May God bless Haiti and its people and may God bless america.

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Kenold Pierre says...

Let's keep our haitians officials in our daily prayer because the ones that come with real good intentions to do good things for the country will be having more problems but our mercyful God will keep them under his wings minute by minute second by second so nothing can't hurt

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Frantz Cineus says...

Thank God, everyone is OK.In about 3 days,1 helicopter and 1 plane carrying haitian government officials made emergency landing.

We need to pray for Haiti and for the

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Yves says...

Presidan an te mande prie. nou bezwen prie. peyi nou an detres.

Haiti gen problem, nou dwe mete min ansamb pou sove peyia.

Pa blem okin mounn, fe sa ou gin pou fe. Sinon pita pitris.

Ka nou grav, ka nou grav, ka nou

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

for those who believe in jesus-christ need to pray for the haitians government, please don't take anything for granted theirs need somes prayer because nothing inpossible GOD.We need to pray GOD thank

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Joe says...

Wow what kind of planes are these people using to fly Haitian government officials in?

You are right, it is kind of crazy that all of a sudden all you hear about is airplane and helicopter near death experiences for a Haitian govenrnemt that is in its

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