Lucie Tondreau Found GUILTY of Mortgate Fraud

Lucie Tondreau, the suspended Haitian-American mayor of North Miami was found guilty of mortgage fraud Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014, by a federal jury... Lucie Tondreau now faces up to 30 years in prison... Sentencing is set for March 20 2014...

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs

KREYOL: Haiti Diaspora - Lucie Tondreau, la justice Americaine touve li KOUPAB pou zafè Mortgage Fraud... Manmzel kapab pase jisa 30 lane nan prison... kisa-w panse de sa?

According to the , Lucy was not allowed to remain free on bond while she awaits sentencing. The judge ordered her to surrender to U.S. Marshals inside the courtroom.

Many Haitians voters in North Miami probably did not expect this case to end this way... But...

What do you think about that?

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Rick says...

You people are stupid.

I've been researching claims of Haiti Levotes for an hour and can't find a single article that actually explains the connection.

Just a lot of Hebrew Israelite ranting and raving.

Try using your words to form arguments.

Be careful you do not use the word Jew and Hebrew to mean the same thing because they

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Marc says...

Elle recevera entre cinq à quinze

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Colette says...

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the

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Maud says...

Jesus te konn bwe vin, et pi'l li kreye'l pou lot moune bwe

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Estaniel says...

L'erreur est humaine, la justice americaine doit lui donner une chance;d'attenuer la peine.Elle est encore jeune et pleine d'avenir.

oui la loi est dure, mais c'est la loi.Mais penser aussi a sa famille ses enfants.

si elle collabore avec la justice, et consciente de sa faute, la peine doit etre

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Josh Ducci says...

Haitians of slave descent are the real JEWS--Levites that the bible speaks of. The fake jews(israelis)and the other nations are our enemies.

Our salvation is in God only. Stop sinning and come back to God's laws, statutes and commandments.

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Prince says...

Se Poul sove kite Miami retounen

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Hgy says...

ya yayakhhc hyredsmn rdesa chache Bondye nou pa we nou nan denye tan bann

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Ben says...

gadon konplo.kou manman nèg sa fò papa ki kote yo etudye

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Jocelyne says...

Miami not haiti where everyone do whatever they want to

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