Jude Celestin's farewell letter

Defeated Haitian presidential candidate Jude Celestin made a farewell letter to the nation. It's fairly long and translated from French... Read it and post your comments.

Here it is... The English version of Jude Celestin's Farewell Letter

Note: This is a google Translation (French Version here) If you have a better translation send it to me and will replace this one!

Jude Celestin's farewell letter

My fellow Haitians,

Finally the results are proclaimed as expected by our CEP that now all the trouble to say independent, because his skiff, tossed by the storm of pressure, finally seems to have stuck in the sands of vassalage and self-denial. Unfortunately, we are not left entirely free from the tumultuous journey, we will take a long time because the damage done to our good faith and our prestige. Even if injuries are closing, the scars remain and nothing to touch the pain awaken to keep alive the drama, underground dealings and betrayals that marked the election period.

Anyway, I address you from the top of my vertical inviolate, draped in my honor and in the shell of my principles and my core beliefs and inentamées.

My dear friends,

It is moved by a patriotic and sincere in order to change the things I am involved in the presidential race in this devastated country waiting to be rebuilt for the benefit of the people lament that for too long the indifference of its leaders, such as contempt of its elites. I approached the campaign, carrying a grand vision, new and fresh for the new Republic that our generation has a duty to construct a vision articulated in ten broad policy guidelines of my program of government.

And if I advocated continuity, targeting - claiming - the heritage of the past cycles, because, as a former CEO of NEC or National Centre facilities, I could be the ignore my own record, embodied in the form of 2,000 kilometers of roads that we built or rehabilitated and the prompt action and saving of this organism in the aftermath of the earthquake and painful grieving of January 12, 2010.

On the wings of this vision and this balance somewhat personal, visible in all provinces of the country, I traveled the countryside, I conducted a campaign expansive and exuberant, lively and colorful, radiating smile and devotion of my supporters, a campaign so impressive by the number and fervor, which many foreign representations, surprised or subjugated, were looking at several stations broadcasting the tapes authenticated monsters of our rallies and other similar void .

We especially campaigned healthy: we have never attacked our rivals, provided that our competitors today will undoubtedly become our employees or associates of tomorrow in the necessary solidarity kombite of national recovery. We have preached peace, discipline, good consideration for others and the contrary opinion, respect for the opponent's posters and private property. Despite our frustrations and your impatience, you observed the calm and serenity, and the cult of law and democratic rules. As to avoid incurring the fittest, we chose to enact the law. Paradoxically, this choice does not bring us happiness. We will however continue to prefer this option, as it is true that the defeat of justice is always ephemeral.

We are pleased to have done our job properly and fulfilled our obligations to our fans and supporters, as to ourselves by cultivating the highest exponent sense of civic responsibility and the virtues of excellence in all things. You and I are absolutely convinced they had pushed the panels shaky polls rigged and manipulated, and handily won the battles of November 28, also abandoned at noon by our opponents scared of the immensity of our conquering wave . Moreover, an objective and unbiased counting confirmed our clear victory was announced and passed around the world by one of the most respected chain of the American press.

Therefore, groundwater and pharmacies forums were set to work to undermine to crucify Jesus Christ (JC) and glorify Barabas.Since, from noon to vote there remained our faithful supporters, rejected our opponents had no other alternative but to demand the cancellation. But soon the two great tenors of the cancellation have swallowed their pride in the promise of some potentate by and / or elsewhere that everything would be done to keep them in the race, at the cost of demonization and implementation to political death of the winner. And the machine began to move to crush the truth of the ballot box, discarding all records where JC had over 300 votes, because our competitors are not enough popular - or absent - did not exceed the milestone of 150. So we put aside-quarantined - approximately 3000 minutes, 90% were to our advantage, we still can not get out, 1045 PV winners JC disappear like magic in the center of confabulation. Injustice, unfairness, hypocrisy, deceit, there is no word in the vocabulary to describe the immorality of such an attitude. By dint of rantings and gymnastics on the crest of numbers, we swallowed in second place, just in the percentage of survey sponsored. We do not even protested.
And our immediate pursuer, who had never exceeded 14% in their polls, took the guise of his sudden ascent - real or artificial - to force the destiny, it encouraged by some delegations or individual routes, and threw into the streets of Port au Prince and Petion-Ville-Delmas aggressive hordes who devastated everything in their path, three days during which the dominant fact is the noticeable absence - and certainly deliberate - tanks, soldiers and police to MINUSTAH.

Here we are back to the time and bayonets, and we honestly thought it had finished with the past, but the past was not through with us, he resurfaced in all its gruesome splendor dictation or just discreet complicity of our guardians, our teachers democratic stabilization. Thus, the Haitian has resumed the practice of taking the power by force and violence. And violence has just received the ultimate reward. This reminds us of the heinous massacre of the lane Vaillant 29 November 1987, the murderer of vandalism December 7, 2010: How tragic similarity in the pictures, what analogy in the profile of players, regardless of consistency in the status of sponsors, which reunion in the identity of the recipients!

In the confusion created and maintained carefully, the government, roughly falling into the trap of diplomatic smiles and eagerness, solicited the assistance of its gravediggers. And experts rushed, bringing in their bag two pages of the report already prepared by a commission informally and confidentially that visited the minutes and identified where we could hammer. It was now dressing the forthcoming report, to place it on a supposedly scientific methodology - also remained preposterous - and recitals quite incongruous and incoherent. Haitian experts have also shown the sickening bias in the choice of PV and the absurdity of the conclusions and recommendations. But they are too close, they are among us, for being recognized expert, you have come from afar.
No worries: Despite the obvious weakness of the work of''experts''of the OAS and the machinations of scheduled flight, a large fraction of the International is adamant the report and requires the application PRC, the government, our platform INIT, softened by the fact by the untimely cancellation of visas for members of the Executive and the threat of further sanctions more pointed. Thus we get in this first week of February, with Candlemas Day, this day of light and truth, these false results, fetched that our CEP independent inflicted, yes, inflicted the national conscience perverted by international pressure, like a slap dealt out to public morality, imposed on our people vigorously spurred yet the memory of its past glories and wakes to a nationalism that was thought lost.

Same results as face truncated, I accept my deepest nature, marked by civility, soaked in respect for others and the crucible of comity and magnanimity. It inclines me to present congratulations to the winners of these games and even those who have benefited from the pro-consuls. What was unspoken allegiances and concessions do we not pay this solicitude runaway, stubborn and devastating! Should we not expect to drink to the dregs the cup of poison injunctions and humiliation?

I pity our dialecticians tired of the left as the unalterable rhetoricians of the conservative right, and civil society too quickly and too well aligned, and I pity the tenor of the intelligentsia annually packed on the road to the slave as a starter in searchsome residues of the Haitian dignity and I pity the mass of our leaders today sparse who are silent, burying deep in their flag in their pocket. Yet I rejoice and take comfort in finding that it remains on this earth a few samples of this great race, yet able to say NO to the indignity and to indicate to occupants of the unacceptable limits and the point at which even a brother or a foster father can go too far in the degradation of the obligor: Haiti held in their eternal gratitude.

I pity some of my fellow platform INIT, which, like the son of the patriarch Jacob sold their brother Joseph, but the intuition that it could - would-be minister of the Pharaoh of Egypt. In their haste to deliver me to appease the restless jewelers probably holding some piece of their jewelry box, they have not given the time to review the electoral law does not recognize a party's right to "withdraw "its candidate or to one of overstepping the time limit (Article 104). I find it very painful to see my peers to cover the face to lick the filthy blood flowing from the wound of shame and having to console them by seeking absolution for their national and throwing my own forgiveness, for only reason they did not know what they were doing. What they did first to themselves, because, looking in the same direction of infamy that our critics, they turned their backs on themselves. To me, they have done nothing but good, allowed me to discover at once a few specimens of this race who are so vigorously shake the censer before us the goal, now obvious, get drunk and suffocate us. I know it is meaningless to speak of national dignity which is only approximate notion of personal dignity. Alas! compromises and fear extinguished the honor as the wind blows out a candle! Unit (INIT) is dissolved when all sizes collapses, it becomes diluted in the dust of capitulations and betrayals. The frenzied pursuit of power outside his own camp, sometimes in collusion requires very unworthy.
But my bitterness merits before the certainty that there are still in the ranks of my party of citizens vertical, constant in their beliefs and their ideology, respectful of the principles and unbreakable bonds of brotherhood between supporters of the same noblequestion. It disappears even when I am persuaded that some fighting and attacks leave the supposed victors more embarrassed than they were believed vanquished. It is with this that I express my most fervent wishes for success in place of Senate candidates and the deputation from INIT the platform that will face the second-round contention. I wish them courage and lucidity, vigilance so that no one can steal their popularity and their victory. I'm with them, and there is nothing I am prepared to do to help and support on the road to triumph.

Men and Women of Haiti's prestige and pride,

Healthy youth of my country,

I address you from the confines of indignation and anger, both revolts me the attitude of those, here and elsewhere who have acquired such aplomb in the practice of the machine, hypocrisy and betrayal. I extend the fraternal and patriotic hello to everyone, people in cities and community sections, and Senate candidates for deputies of the platform INIT, all candidates for legislative fraternal parties who supported my candidacy, "Friends of Jude "who have supported and accompanied during the harsh days of the campaign, who have not faltered or failed during the moments of trance and anguish where the vanquished were talking about the powder (Cayes) and violence(P-au-Prince and Petion-Ville-Delmas). Pay no confidence, swagger and no echo of each other: the vote of a people is expressed only in the ballot box, not the micro manipulators of public opinion. Remember the story and the truth are those who have carved the minutes and ordered their henchmen to the center tab / storytelling to make selections at the expense of a candidate to help another, it is those then who falsified or stolen the people's vote. They, the real fraudsters. It is easy to accuse the other of mistakes that we committed ourselves: the reason of the strongest is always the best.

It is clear to everyone that the results do not reflect the trend of voting: how to understand the setting aside of the presidential candidate of INIT while all legislative candidates of the platform, which led him to campaign common and joint, have largely won in all departments in all districts of the country? How to understand this insistence that the latter withdraws while styling does not list it has little chance of winning, even unpopular they say: It is quite illogical, even for pupils from nursery school. Do not let anyone, however powerful it may be, you feel guilty, or put into question your honesty packages concocted to cover the secret of their pharmacy or their forum.
We extend a special thank you to our sponsors, our financial supporters, our volunteer photographers who traveled with us the path of this victory we have been stolen. Our sympathies and gratitude go to those who have made freely available to us that their homes were vandalized and burned, our friends who have lost their shops, their radio stations, their school, their cyber center. Without you we would not have offered to the Haitian community campaign so colorful, the taste of people who appreciate the beauty and excellence. Do not be disappointed: you bet on the right side.

Upon closing this chapter of a pathetic life together fueled the flame of our beliefs and our aspirations for the betterment of our people, I tell you all a deep and sincere thank you for your dedication and your loyalty. Thank you for your steadfastness, your sense of discipline and belonging. Thank you for having obeyed my watchwords to reject all forms of violence, not out in the streets, you probably expected to infiltrate you and trap you.We were told unpopular because we do not let our knuckles in the streets, like others, ransacking shops, looting shops large and small, peaceful homes on fire, break the cars: the Haitian people we grateful. I always remember your recent protestations of support and warm, just as the hierarchy of our party immolate on the altar of special interests ulterior. I'm almost glad that the opportunity was offered me to show you that, whatever the price, I will never abandon those who put their trust in me and who fought with me for the good fight the victory of a noble cause.And especially since I'm not made of pliable dough that takes the curvature of the hand that kneads and is supreme values that I can not sell for flat lenses: the honor and pride of a Vertical Man, riveted to the principles. I was not ready to pick up the scepter in the presidential slush and mud and the risk of leaving my pride and prestige.

I know you suffer from these results, synonyms somehow premium violence. Do not crumple them in the melancholy of defeat or sacrifice: you are the race of conquerors. Our victory will come later, but he comes anyway. Look to the sun, high forehead, lofty soul and get ready for future battles in which the victim will be rehabilitated and just glorified. Courage, son and daughters of Dessalines: the darkest night announced the radiant dawn.

An activist never lost the war, he loses battles, but if he keeps his beliefs, they come out enriched and strengthened.


Now that you've read it... Tell me what you think about it... It's a rough translation but I am sure you got the idea

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All Comments (12)

Haiti says...

I read the letter once for content and meaning, and the second time for feeling and spirit.

The one thing that stuck in my mind, after the futile attempt to rub into my mind all the poetic rubbish, is how this man could have been chosen to become a candidate for President..

Remember to print this and save it for your kids to read in the future.

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David Grant says...

Who is Jude Celestin, can anyone throw light as to whom he really is. Is he a poet, a politician or...

God knows what. To whom or for whom has he written this discourse?

Surely, he did not have the Haitian populace in mind; probably, he is addressing his degreed colleagues.Does he think that the electorates or the men in the street has the time or the inclination to decipher those tortuos proses, and find within a meaning.Mr. Celestin would do well trying his hand at writing poetry or plays; maybe, in a few centuries to come, he may be acclaimed the Shakespear of the twenty first century.

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Ronald Altieri says...


"le wap noiye ou kenbe bwanch ou jouwen." C'est vraiment une belle verite.

Merci Pour l'idee, et permette moi de faire l'echo:


nous avons besoin la force divine ...que dieu garde Haiti."

Encore merci!

Toujours En Christ,

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Miejo says...

Nap sib ou papa, ou menm ki konen, jije men jije biyen, tann pep sa le li we kle, le li al lekol ou konpran wap bal vale pilil injistis,
le wap noiye ou kenbe bwanch ou jouwen.

que Dieu garde jude et tous les autres candidats a la presidence, a la deputation et au senat de meme que michel et myrlande car dans cette situation, nous avons besoin la force divine...

que dieu garde

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Ronald Altieri says...

Sincerely, it must be stated that between Nov 28, 2010 and Feb 3, 2011 the Haitian People and the world have only had the pleasure of hearing Senator Joseph Lambert, Preval and this and that person address the public for Mr. Jude Celestin.

Correct me if i am wrong!

Has anybody heard anything that he had mentioned, in regard to what is in his head a propos his candidacy, that is of any significance.

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Joseph12 says...

nan ka paw ak michel ki yes ki pi delinkan ak vagabon.

michel kapab delinkan.

nan ka ou menm ak michel sim ta gen pou chwazi yon banabas se ou menm li tap ye paske michel fe delinkan vizib men ou menm ak akolit ou yo fe delinkan anba

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Joseph12 says...

Vive la raison ti jud resi we kote lie enbesil kel ye li konnen Lambert ak preval epi Kelly bastien patap likide li pou interet pa yo men se konsa si preval pat engra li ta fe yon bagay pou pep montana a moun sa yo pre pou yo likide menm madanm yo ak pitit yo pou pouvwa paske pouvwa fe tet tineg vire depi se afe pouvwa men gras a Dieu misyi fini pa we sa.
men lel di yo krisifye Jude celestin comme Jesus Christ poul fe alizyon ak sa frel yo fel pa rapo ak banabas se ki yes ki banabas la.
si se ta ka konsa kiyes ki jezi a e ki banabas la
si se sa jid ou manti paske banabas kew chwazi a pi klean pasew
map pozew yo kesyon Ki yes ki tiye macello e pou ki sa.

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Miejo says...

Il me faut encore du temps pour repondre, bien analyser beaucoup de chose, le temps pour eduquer MON peuple, le temps d'escolariser les hommes et les femmes de demain, le temps d'alphabetiser les adultes, le temps de reprendre l'ART de l'agriculture,

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Aka Louis says...

I only have one thing to say to Jude Celestin Goodbye thief Preval is next

Feb 07 is almost

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Frantz says...

Being a Prevalist yourself you knew that would happen.

It is time to end the vicious cycle of Laziness started with Duvalier/Aristide to Preval.

Good luck with your future and we do not need you on board as president nor the New Prime Minister of Haiti to cover all Preval's mismanagements of the Haitian Public Institutions.

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