It Should've been MARTELLY Vs MANIGAT, Haiti's Forum Economique Says

In a press release by The Haiti Forum Economique Du Secteur Prive (FESP), they say that the 2nd round of the Haiti presidential election should have been between candidates Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat according to information in their hands.

We are trying to find a copy of the press release to share with you.

If and when we get it, we will update this article.

The press release was read on a radio station in Haiti who reported that the Haitian private sector economic forum met with Michel Matelly, Mirlande Manigat, and Jude Celestin.

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

there should not be anybody vs anybody,,it should be a unity government,,who can deny that the people needs education, water, health, roads, and to be cleaned up,,so why sould we fight to see who will do the job,,let us unite and share the work,,if anybody has a better solution please let me know,,,gciinc at

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Pierre Alcius says...

jude celestin can not take of his 17 children and the chid support here in the u.s. how his going to take Haiti out of this mess?

please somebody give me an

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Marie Belit says...

I want to be proud of my country not a shame of

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Subject: It Should've been MARTELLY Vs MANIGAT, Haiti's Forum Economique Says edit

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