In regards to Haiti, George H. W. Bush was a terrible US president, journalist said

While George H. W. Bush may have been a great US president for Americans, he was a terrible US president in matters that concerns the Republic of Haiti, a Haitian journalist said Monday.

George H. W. Bush -  41st U.S. President
George H. W. Bush - 41st U.S. President

Did you know? George H. W. Bush was the US president who imposed an Embargo in Haiti back in 1991 to force military coup leaders to restore Aristide to power?

"Today, I will not say that Bush is responsible for all of Haiti's problems; however, up until today, we are still suffering from the sequels of the embargo the Bush government imposed on Haiti back in 1991 only to please Jean Bertrand Aristide," journalist Luckner 'Louko' Desir said.

Haiti pap janm bliye sa -- Haiti will never forget this, he said.

Back in 1991, the Haitian economy was very precarious compares other economies in the region, the journalist continued, and, to please a sector, the imposed an embargo to Haiti.

While the embargo was to force the Haitian military to restore Aristide to power, but it was not the military who felt the embargo. Besides, if the Americans did not support the coup d'Etat it would've never happened.

Above all that, the Bush administration imposed the embargo on Haiti and we are still paying the consequences of this embargo.

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Joe Dookie says...

K.M.and his peoples will destroy that country.

he knew, the election was

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Yanick says...

Everyone is to be blamed.

The corruption, the elected officials, US, and the citizens for destroying the country with their rioting thinking other countries care what they do to

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Madan Jo says...

True....C 'est comme ca ...Et tres omplique parfois ...Mais toujours en synphonie avec un secteur de la societe

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Istwa Dhaiti says...

Yes, for Haïti he was...

He did wrong to Haití and History won't forget

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Yon Ayisyen says...

Si andan kay pa vann ou deyò pa ka achtew.

Ex Président Aristide te mande èd li te juste te vle ede paske JBA te toujou président malgré li pat sièger palè nasyonal donk Mwen pa wè mal li fè a non

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Lejacobin says...

We are always looking to cst blame for our own actions.

Our leaders dint provide the most basics in term of unfracstructures to the country...I dont think the embargo of 1992 was the essential cause.

Maybe the Return of Aristide has had more direct impact to our

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Subject: In regards to Haiti, George H. W. Bush was a terrible US president, journalist said edit

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