Haitian president promises a new government for the people

After countless negotiations and a dysfunctional Haitian parliament, president Jovenel Moise is promising another new government for the people.

Jovenel Moise Speaking
Jovenel Moise Speaking

On the same day the president announced the nomination of his new Prime Minister, President Jovenel Twitted yet another message promising a better government in Haiti.

Haiti has a New Prime Minister, Joseph Jouthe, the Finance Minister

When there is government, there are resources, there is stability and work progresses better, The president Moise said.

"That's why every action I take is always in everyone's interest."

"The new government we are going to set up in accordance with the law is going to be a 100% government to defend he cause of the people."

What do you think about that?

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Après d'innombrables négociations et un parlement haïtien dysfonctionnel, le président Jovenel Moise promet un autre nouveau gouvernement pour le peuple.

Le même jour, le président a annoncé la nomination de son nouveau Premier ministre, le président Jovenel a publié un autre message promettant un meilleur gouvernement en Haïti.

Quand il y a un gouvernement, il y a des ressources, il y a de la stabilité et le travail progresse mieux, a déclaré le président Moise.

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