Haiti - Sophia Martelly Relinquished her U.S. Nationality

Haiti Election Update - The big news that Haiti first lady was born in New York and cannot run for senator may meet a huge road block. According to Haiti radio Signal FM, Sophia Martelly Relinquished her U.S. Nationality before registering as a candidate for Senator as required by law...

Sophia Martelly Kandida pou Senateur Departement l'Ouest

Haiti journalist Tamara Orion said Wednesday on her radio show Haiti Aujourd'hui:

"When it comes to Nationality, some people are saying Madame Martelly is a US national and does not have the right to run for Senator in Haiti... Yesterday, we heard Karl Adam (attaché de presse of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince) who said any American can relinquish their US Nationality at any time..."

KREYOL: "Mwen poko konnen dat exact la, ane a, men mwen konnen Madam Martelly remet nationalite a, paske mwen pale ak plisyè moun ki konfirme pou mwen WI madanm nan remet nationalite l..."

TRANSLATION: "I don't know the exact date, the exact year, BUT I do know that Madam (sophia) Martelly relinquished her American nationality. Because I spoke to many people who confirmed to me that, YES, she did relinquish her nationality"

As they say in Haiti... L'enquette se poursuit... Restez branché... LOL...

What do you think about that?

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