Haiti Elections - Fanmi LAVALAS contest Candidacy of Sophia Martelly

One member of the Fanmi LAVALAS party who is also candidate for Senator has contested Sophia Martelly's eligibility as a candidate for Senator... Louis Gerald Gilles has claimed to have hard evidence on dual citizenship of Madame Martelly...

PHOTO: Louis Gerald Gilles

KREYOL: Haiti - Candida LAVALAS Louis Gerald Gilles fè konnen li gen bon jan prèv pou prouve Sophia Martelly pa ka kandida kom senatè... Kisa ou panse de sa?

Doctor and former senator Louis Gerald Gilles submitted, as a citizen and potential voter, a challenge to the west department electoral bureau (BED) against Sophia Martelly who, he said, is acting in violation of the Haitian constitution.

According to Haiti Press Network, Louis Gerald Giles said:

"This verdict will attest to the credibility of the electoral process if it recognizes that the first lady lied. Yet if he says otherwise, the whole country will know we're going straight to fraudulent elections."

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Allan Vieux says...

I have heard that Mr. jean Gilles and Senator Stevens Benoit have a copy of Sophia Martelly, ok. The Haitian voters are like St. Thomas.

They have to see to believe.

Present it directly to the public, something simple.

Put the C.E.P. and Sophia Martelly back against the wall to a point, they have to do the Right

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Fanmi LAVALAS contest Candidacy of Sophia Martelly edit

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