Haiti Politics : What happened to all the 'Famous' OPPOSITION leaders?

PHOTO: President Martelly - Assad Volcy
What happened to these famous Haitian opposition leaders: tag Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Andre Michel, Assad Volcy, Rony Timothée, what are they up to???

They all seem to have crawled under a rock.

They all disappeared?

From time to time you hear a faint soundbite from ex Senator Moise Jean Charles but the rest of them are on ice.

What happened all the people from the G-8

What do you think happened to them?

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Denold Sou Fb Pa janm gen yon opozisyon vre, se awogans President Martelly ki te kreye opozisyon an. Tout otan president Jovenel kenbe respè li pou lot... see more
Reply · August 15 at 10:25 PM
Pony Berrouet when bad kids are quiet watch out!!!
Reply · August 15 at 5:11 PM
Ti Djo Mwen wè neg opposition Haiti yo poze vre wi. mwen swete you kenbe konsa pou president jovenel ka fe travay li gen poul fe a
Reply · August 15 at 1:35 PM

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Subject: Haiti Politics : What happened to all the 'Famous' OPPOSITION leaders? edit

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