Haiti Politics - PDCH Christian Democratic Party Leaves MOPOD

The Haiti Democratic Opposition Movement (MOPOD) has just lost a member... The Haitian Christian Democratic Party (PDCH) is out of MOPOD because, they say, they do not like the direction the movement is taking...

Martelly - MOPOD di Demisyon

PDCH President Marie-France Claude says:

"Nou pa retrouve nou nan mouvman an... Mouvman plis orente li vers LAVALAS..."

Translation: We do not find ourselves in the [MOPOD] movement... The movement is too oriented towards LAVALAS...

"While I have nothing against a person who says is Lavalas," Madame Claude said, "we have a problem with how Lavalas ruled the country."

Marie-France Claude tolds Haiti radio Signal FM that MOPOD has 5 owners but she wold not name any names...

Keep in mind... Marie-France Claude is one of the daughters of Sylvio Claude, the founder of PDCH...

What do you think about that?

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