Haiti's next Prime Minister will be one of these four people

After long talks and discussions the list of who will be his next prime minister has narrowed down to these four people. Here are their names:

Haiti Prime Minister's podium
Haiti Prime Minister's podium

Ignace Saint-Fleur, current director of BMPAD

Jean Henri Céant, former presidential candidate in the last election

Uder Antoine, crrent executive director of the Provisional Electoral Council

Edgar Leblanc Fils, former Senator and coordinator of the OPL political party, also one of the candidates for president when the Privert was elected as provisional president.

according to news reports, the final name of who will be the next prime minister of Haiti should be disclosed by day's and Sunday. Let's wait and see what happens.

What do you think about that?

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Concern says...

The person who help makes the election clear and transparent.

Should be the next prime.You should have someone in place who would look out for the best of the country moving forward.

User Antoine would be the best person for the

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Subject: Haiti's next Prime Minister will be one of these four people edit

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