Haiti - Marche Pacifique In Champs-de-Mars today, December 2 2010

Haitian presidential candidate Charlito Baker posted on his Facebook: "Rendez Vous Champs de Mars le 2 Décembre 10:00am : Marche Pacifique vers le CEP Delmas pour demander l'Annulation des Elections. Apportez vos drapeaux haïtiens."

Considering that the international community has accepted the Haiti elections as "VALID" do you believe that any "Marche Pacifique" will make a difference?

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Johnny says...

Tout moun kap mande refe elektion a se yon paket moun fou ki pa panse haiti pa gen lajan poul fe elektion, e mou sa yo pa konn konte lajan, elektion an ap refet si gen 2em tou elektion a ka refet kote kite gen problem yo selman, epi KEP a te sipoze elimine INITE sou tout teritwa a paske Inite bay problem tout kote, Elimine Inite depi nan Prezidan jika nan Depite

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Guy Comeau says...

Yes, we need new ideologies and out-of-the-box thinking to save Haiti.

Michel Martelly is not one of my favorites.

I am not expecting much of him had he been elected.

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Marc Paul says...

I don't know what haitian people think about"marche pacifique"of Baker Charlito.

Ok BC you want to cancel this election, do it by yourself.

We see in your mind you want Preval remaining a couple month in the power no way!Hey Baker haitian people don't want too.You too Jude C. Haiti need a new

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Marcy Paul says...

I am with you on this one. Election an dwe fet selmen kote ki te gem gro "mass fraud" yo. Yo ta bayo yon ti chans pou yo ta refe votes sa yo. Refe tout election ap coute tro che. En plus sa tap montre pep lan ke votes yo konte ampil e ke sosyete respekte dwa yo. Pep lan tap vin gen plis respe pou government

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Oxceva says...

M'panse si sete yon group kandida kite lanse ansanm mach saa, li tapgen plis pwa.An other hand;kesyon map poze tet mwen: Eske se pa paske neg yo santi yo pap pa reyisi kife yap mande anile eleksyon an?

Poukisa yo pa mande anile epi refe eleksyon selman kote li te gate yo?

Moun kap mande anile tout eleksyon an, eske se yo kite finanse'l?

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Rudy Etienne says...

I seriously doubt that the "Marche Pacifique" will make a difference but I do feel that the manifestation, if organized peacefully, is good for democracy in Haiti.

Hopefully, these manifestations (pre- and post-elections) will serve as a lesson learned to the authorities so that future elections will be more organized, fair and with a minimum amount of fraudulent activities.

Another reason why I don't believe this manifestation will affect the CEP's decision is because a ridiculous amount of money was spent and elections in Haiti are now very costly.

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Harold Fleurine says...

By open the heart of my country haiti, to the International community it become three times wost then it was before.

We are feeling that after this Elections our government will start with the people who can help to turn the systerm around.

Because since I was born I heard the same things over and over again it time for first classe of haiti taking over and do they

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Serge says...

Le peuple

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Rigaud says...

Even though they don't say anything afer the protest, they will see that the Haitian people understand their plots by selling the

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Guy Comeau says...

The international community should take a step back to reflect on how much of a disservice was done to Haiti in an attempt to achieve a fair, free election of which is a benchmark for true democracy.

We Haitians should take our destiny in our own hands.

We should not trust foreigners with our lives.

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