Haiti Justice

SCOOP : Mirlande Manigat was among delegation BANNED from Visiting Timothee Rony in Prison in Arcahaie Haiti

Mirlande Manigat nan Arcahaie - Affaire Rony Timothee Haiti News UPDATE --- While listening to a Haitian Radio station in Haiti I discovered that former Haiti presidential Candidate Mirlande Manigat was one of the members of an opposition delegation who was refused entry to Arcahaie Haiti Wednesday, 21 May 2014, to visit MOPOD spokesperson Timothee Rony currently imprisoned there... more »

Haiti - MOPOD Delegation Refused entry to Arcahaie where Timothee Rony is Imprisoned

Rony Timothee - FOPARK HOT News from Haiti... A delegation of people from MOPOD and the political opposition embarked on a mission Wednesday, 21 May 2014, to go see Timothee Rony, porte-parole of MOPOD, imprisoned in Arcachaie, they were REFUSED entry... "Only his lawyers and close family members can see him" is the word from Haiti's Justice department... more »

Haiti - FOPARK leader Rony Timothee Arrested in Port-au-Prince...

Rony Timothee - FOPARK FLASH... Haitian political activist opposition leader Rony Timothée of FOPARK (Fòs Patriyotik pou Respè Konstitisyon an) was arrested by police Saturday, 17 May 2014, somewhere near the Port-au-Prince Airport... There was an arrest against him according to Haitian news reports... more »

Haiti - Installation ceremony of 10 new Judges of the Superior Court of Auditors

Haiti - Les dix (10) nouveaux Juges de la Cour Superieure des Comptes Haiti President Michel Martelly conducted the installation of ten (10) new Judges of the Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif (CSCCA) this Monday, April 7, 2014... "You have a heavy responsibility to ensure consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of public funds," President Martelly said during the installation... more »

Haiti Justice - 11 Arrest warrants issued against people released by Depute Arnel Belizaire

Arnel Belizaire FLASH... The prosecutors office in Port-au-Prince has issued 11 arrest warrants against those who have been released by force by Haiti Depute Arnel Belizaire... more »

Haiti Judge Jean-Serge Joseph did NOT die from "Something Special"

haiti judge Jean-Serge Joseph Canada Coroner report confirms Haitian judge Jean Serge Joseph was not poisoned contrary to what some, including Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles, believe... more »

FLASH... Haiti Justice - Francisco Rene n'est plus commissaire du gouvernement

Maitre Francisco Rene - Chef Parquet Port-au-Prince la Mezanmi... denye nouvel ki gaye sou rezo social Haitien an s'est que Maitre Francisco René n'est plus le chef du parquet près le tribunal de première instance de Port-au-Prince. Son remplaçant sera Me Kerson Charles Darius... more »

13 Million Dollar Lawsuit filed against Haiti and Rene Preval by Canada Businessman

President Rene Preval A Businessman has just filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Haiti and former President Rene Preval for the sum of $13 million... He claims to have been thrown in prison for trying to revive Cimenterie d'Haiti and competing with a rich family in Haiti... more »

Did Haitian Senators violates the principle of separation of powers?

There is a complaint coming from the Conseil Supérieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire (CSPJ) that Haitians Senators have stepped on the toes of the Haiti's judicial branch by interfering with the arrest of Andre Michel... more »

L'Affaire Andre Michel, Alumettes ak Gazoline...

maitre andre michel In Haiti right now, a group of people are holding their grounds on a single desicion:: To FORCE MARTELLY OUT OF OFFICE by any means necessary! This group seems to be above the law... To touch anyone of them is like striking a match in a sea of gasoline... more »