Haiti Justice

Haiti's Justice Minister condems acts of violence and vandalism in recent protest

Haiti Ministère de la Justice et de la Sécurité Publique Haiti's Ministry of justice has condemned strongly all of the acts of violence and vandalism that occurred during an opposition street protest Tuesday and promises to act. more »

Haiti Politics - Rony Timothee and Biron Odige Released from Prison

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haitian political activists Rony Thimotée and Biron Odigé have been released from prison Thursday afternoon, 11 Dec 2014, after a "Main Levée..." more »

Haiti Police Order: Extract Aristide out of his house in Tabarre and bring him to the Judge Friday

Former President Aristide escorted by Security BREAKING NEWS - Bring Aristide to Me... That's an ORDER! --- This Friday, Former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide is to be EXTRACTED out of his house in Tabarre and brought to court... This is an order issued directly to Haiti's police Chief, Godson Orelus, from Haitian Judge Lamarre Belizaire... more »

Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825

Haiti Code Penal Dates back to 1835 - True or False? Can you believe this? The Haiti criminal code (or penal code) is 179 years old... It has not changed 1825... Except 179 years ago there were no kidnapping, drive by shooting or none of that... The Haitian Government wants to revise the penal code. more »

SCOOP: Haiti - Aristide Arrest Warrant SUSPENDED until further notice...

President Aristide Kontan, tout moun ap manyen li... Breaking News - The warrant for the arrest of former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been SUSPENDED until further notice following the challenging (French: récusation) of judge Lamarre Belizaire who is handling the case... more »

Haiti Justice - Wendelle Coq Tello replaces Antoine Norgaisse as vice president of CSPJ

PHOTO: Juge Wendelle Coq - Nouvo Vice-President CSPJ Haiti judge Wendelle Coq Tello replaces Judge Antoine Norgaisse as the new Vice-President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) more »

Haiti - Depute Arnel Belizaire SUSPENDED for TWO Months from Parliament...

Depute Arnel Belizaire ak bèl abiman wouj li... The Haiti assembly of Deputés in have suspended Arnel Belizaire, the Deputé of Delmas-Tabarre, for two months Thursday 03 July, 2014, after he physically assaulted Ministre Phelito Doran inside the Parliament more »

Haiti Elections OR NOT - Suddenly it is the Judicial Branch who is blocking the path to Elections Tet Dwat...

Arnel Alexis Joseph - Eleksyon Tèt Gosh In this episode of the never-ending Haiti political soap opera, it is CSPJ, le Conseil Superieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire, blocking the path to "Elections Tèt Dwat" in the country... All over Haitian radio this past week the name Arnel Alexis Joseph is synonymous with "Brick Wall." So where did we make this "demi tour?" more »

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux di Moise Jean Charles te gen otorizasyon rantre nan prison Arcahaie a men PA avek 80 moun

Rudy Heriveaux - Haiti Ministre de la Communication Nouvel la an KREYOL (English below)... Rudy Heriveaux, Minis Communication an, di ke se vre ke Senatè Moise Jean Charles te jwen otorizasyonn pou li te ale wè Rony Timothee andandan prizon Arcahaie a MEN... Senatè-a debake avek 80 moun, li pat gen otorization pou debake ak 80 moun, yo pat bay 80 moun otorizasyon, se Senatè-a ki te gen otorizasyon pou rantre. more »

Haiti - Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Etenel Loto) di yo bat epi vyole Timothee Rony nan prison

Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto) Nan intervention Eric Jean Baptiste, PDG Père Eternel Loto, li di yo bat Timothee Rony nan prison serieusement, apre yo fini bat li a, yo fè kadejak sou li... Eric Jean Baptiste te clairement pran angajmam li pou fe declaration saa... more »