Haiti Justice Minister Josue Pierre-Louis Resigns

Haiti AFFAIRE BELIZAIRE, The Saga Continues... Haitian minister of justice and public safety Josue Pierre-Louis has submitted resignation yesterday, Tuesday 22 Nov, in order to avoid a Senate interpellation for his presumed involvement in the arrest of Haitian Senator Arnel Belizaire.

Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles is upset... It's a cover up he says...

In a radio interview to Haiti Radio Caraibes, Senator Moise Jean-Charles summarizes the resignation of justice minister Josue Pierre-Louis as an attempt to protect President Michel Martelly and other key players in his government

  • Kase fey kouvri sa...
  • Kite bourik pran sak pay...
  • Mal sele kap foule..

Wi Fout... Se pa de pwoveb non pitit... LOL

Se pawol sa yo k-ap pale wi pitit apre demisyon minis Jistis la...

I am not smart enough to understand the politics of Haiti these days papa... maybe you are... LOL


What is your opinion about the resignation of Justice Minister Josue Pierre-Louis?

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Raoul Berquin says...

apre tout sa neg sa fe annee pase nan arrestation Depute Arnel Belizaire li demisyone paskel li te gen yon ti sentiman toujou.

Kounya michael martelly metel kom prezidan fantom lan kounyal men lal fe kadejosuepierre-louis oh sorry kadejak sou yon demoiselle kap travay avel.Kile ap gen justice nan peyi

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Yves, it's look like your balls are too small.

You can always made a Citizen arrest if you choose too.
Think like me, say to youself whenever i have the chance to slap and give a chock-hold to Aristide until he piss on

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Abel Faroul says...

i'm hoping the president would be smart enough to replace him by bernard gousse, i still believe Mr bernard gousse would make a good prime minister since he was rejected by boyh chamber, why not give him back his old job he was good at it.

please prezidan martely ranplase minis jistis la par met bernard gousse.

bondye va remercier ou pou

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Sadira Colonel says...

he do the rigth things case the president it wrong.you know why I say that, if before the president went out, these group of senators went to the parlace and tell the presitent do not arest that deputy president he will do it.that rust then papaduck oke we can't take things like that from the president.


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Yves says...

Michelle dit Sweetmiki ti simone should be also arrested because he killed many people in 1991 during the cout d'etat in

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Nelson Lacour says...

yes you're right about that, anel belizaire should get arrested again and put away, because he is a

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Georgieboy says...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

To the blog manager:
Since when do blog managers tell people how long or short their post should be. How about joining the rest of us in the 21rst century.

Haitian people always speak too much, that's why they can't get anything done. My post should be as short as I fracking want it to

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Georgieboy says...

What the frack is this all about really?

I mean, Haitians never gave a hoot about Aristide and Preval arresting and killing people all over the country, and now, they're all up in arms about a man who is a known killer having been arrested.

It's no wonder we're an international joke. Haitian Senator Arnel Belizaire was arrested.

Well, have him judged and sent away for life. Stop crying a river over a fracking

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Vikki Yeghoyan says...

I think the justice's resignation was exactly as Moise Jean Charles said it was, and quite disgusting.

I have no respect for Martely and those who collaborate with

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Well, what can i say?

Bzness as usual, yeah,this is Haiti, you know!
If i had enough cash to buy dolls for those polititians in Haiti, I would get them a doll each for Christmas"Papa noel in town".

Well, this is Haitian politics.

Haiti is a twilight zone

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