Haiti Elections - Youri Latortue says: I WON in the First Round Based on Number of VOTERS who Voted

CONTESTATION : Haiti Elections - Candidate for Sentator Youri Latortue says out of 76,631 registered voters who voted in the Artibonite department on the 09 August elections, 47,005 of them voted for Youri La Tortue... So why didn't he win in the FIRST round??? Youri Latortue explains why the CEP calculations is INCORRECT... No one can win with these calculations, he says...

KREYOL: Haiti - YOURI Latortue di: "Mwen Genyen depi nan Premier tour SI KEP a te kalkile pousantaj yo sou KANTITE MOUN ki vote... Kalkil yo mal fèt." Li Eksplike... Plis detay an kreyol anba atik saa...

According to Youri Latortue, 47,005 of the votes represents 61.3 percent of the number of voters who votes BUT... That's not how CEP calculated it...

SO HOW did the CEP come up with 26,90% for Youri La Tortue?

Youri Latortue explains...

Each registered voter voted for 1 Depute and 2 Senators... SO for the Depute, ONE voter = One vote... But for the Senators, One voter = TWO votes...

Haiti Elections 2015 - ARTIBONITE - List Candidat Senatè ki pwal nan 2eme Tour

Latortue gave one example:

Out of one voting bureau, 57 people voted in total. 30 of the 57 people voted for Youri Latortue. Instead of the CEP counting the percentage for 30 out of 57, they counted the percentage for 30 out of 114 votes (the total votes for TWO senators in that bureau to calclate the winning percentage for ONE candidate).

"That means it is impossible for any candidate to get 50 percent + ONE," Youri says. "Even if 100 people voted for me out of 100, I would not get the 50% +1 because the CEP would calculate the percentage of 100 votes out of 200 total votes..."

"NOBODY will get 50% this way," Youri Latortue said...

What do you think about that?

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KREYOL ankò: Dapre Youri Latortue, KEP a pa kontrole pousantaj yo baze sou kantite moun ki vote yo, li konte pousantaj dapre kantite vòt yo... Le ou konsidere ke YON SEL moun gen dwa vote pou 2 senatè, kijan yon kandida ka fè 50 pousan plis 1 si kakil yo fet konsa? Youri eksplike ke si 100 moun al vote epi tout 100 moun yo vote Youri, li fè 100 pousan...

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Ayitbel says...

Only 1120 out of 1779 tally sheets counted, which represents less than 70%.

According to CEP, all election for Artibonite Senate has to be done over. It doesn't matter how many votes Latortue

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Youri Latortue says: I WON in the First Round Based on Number of VOTERS who Voted edit

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