Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles Accuses 3 Presidential Candidates

Haiti Elections Update - Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles accuses 3 other candidates he says are backed up by the international community and part of the economic elite...

KREYOL: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles akize 3 Candidat a la Presidence... Li di se kominote intènasyonal la ak yon pati nan elit ekonomik la ki sipòte 3 kandida sa yo... Li pa site non yo... De ki kandida ou panse misye ap pale???

During an interview on Radio Caraibes FM Thursday, Moise Jean Charles refused to name these 3 presidential candidates but said this:

"One of them is being supported by the Bandi Legals," he said, one candidate is being supported by the economic machine, the other candidate comes in the name of the people but he/she is sent by the international community."

QUESTION: Which 3 candidates do you think Candidate Moise Jean Charles is talking about?

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Jmanno says...

ak Moise J.C presidan se 91 all over again men yon sel diferans yo pap bay li koudeta.

Yap kofre'l, kokobe gouvenman l nan. Anfen prezidan MJC pa tap mal pou ayiti - koripsyon tap kaba e nou tap gen kek proje

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles Accuses 3 Presidential Candidates edit

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