Haiti Elections 2010: Who Are You Voting For?

All 19 candidates for president of Haiti are now listed on www.Belpolitik.com, with photos too, 17 men and 2 women... Who will you vote for? Pick your favorite candidate from the list and tell us why YOUR candidate should be the next president of Haiti.


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Widler Deaf Haitian says...

I have not idea for vote someone candidat bec I so experience about old nd new president Haiti bec I see they never support all deaf haiti for developpement..

I will see happened the new president 2010 will be good to support deaf next year I will vote..

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Love Haiti says...

It's been so many days since the disaster took place but the Haitians still bearing the horrible crisis created from that terrible moment.

It's really your superhuman determination.

I thank you whole heartily for being besides Haiti on that horrible moment.

I think at this moment HAITI really needs help to be rebuild.

Outgoing Haitian President

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Haitian Citizen says...

As i'm concern about my Haiti.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

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Alllllll says...

My friend is a candidate for president too. But I see the country first that is why I encourage all haitian to vote for Baker.

Think about how many jobs haiti lost after jean_ claude left and all of them has been send to china.

I can said that because my brother was in the industry and lost his job with almost 1000 employees that he had .If we lovee haiti we will stand for

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M.a Fignole Morgan says...

I dont think the issu here is about skin color.

What is on the candidate agenda is what most of us consider before we vote. I understand that Baker is bringing something new to the table: As a businessman, he understands the fact that without production and job, a country has no

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Lopp says...

Please, vote for Charles Henry Baker.

He is the only viable choice.

Michel Martelly does not sound bad either, but, his past could turn the face of the country into an international joke.

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Joujou Peter says...

we tried many brown president they do nothing.

Now is time to try a white president who is Backer.

Give other a chance.

pray and

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Jean says...

I want to know if the citizen in haiti ask these candidates what are they going to do for them do they have experience how they going to create jobs do they have money to rebuild the country I am sick and tired with the way these people running anything haitian people should ask the so-called dysfunctional haiti goverment what did they do with the billion dallars u.s has sent them in the last ten years haiti is a desperate country who doesn, t need anymore opportunist the second candidate above is a joke haitian people should also look at the people they have elected ask questions don, t be a

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Betina Jeanmary says...


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Tiden says...

mwen ap mache avek bro, baker pou lavi

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