Haiti - 54 Deputes vote against Senate proposed indictment of President Martelly et al.

The Senate of the Republic of Haiti do not have the right to indict a President or any members of his government... This the response that came from the the chamber of Deputes after they formally rejected the senate proposition to indict (formally accuse) President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other members of Government...

Deputes Casting their vote - Haiti Chambre des Deputes
Deputes Casting their vote - Haiti Chambre des Deputes

This decision came during a hearing at the chamber of Deputes thursday 03 July 2014.

According to Depute Jean Camille Démarrâtes, The 1987 amended constitution of Haiti does not give the senators legal rights to indict the president of the Republic or any members of his government. The constitution says it is the chamber of deputes who have this right.

Should the President of Haiti ever be indicted, Depute Camille says, The Senate becomes the Supreme Court (haute cours de justice) and therefore CANNOT be the judge and executioner at the same time. The senate CANNOT indict NOR propose that a president be indicted and later be the judge in the case...

This is a violation of the law, depute Camille says, and the fact the the senate is asking us to indict the president, they are therefore asking us to break the law.


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Jacques says...

Why the Haitian government don't think About energies independent, oil independent, cause Haiti have mine of oil and gas, try Haiti be one country, do what Venezuela, just people experience with that, Haiti can help by self don't about all country need something no fair, let companies come Haiti make work for Haiti people, let pay tax, in my country because the chamber deputies and senator do about this countries they think Do$ in the pockets, we need to change Haiti Cherie Pelosi des Antilles make good all ten

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Marie says...

ki proplem haitien, yo pas dehor pou payi a avance ?nou pa honte, ce nou ki pi derriere nan tout payi du monde pasque nou pa ka entend nou jalousi devan jalousi derriere.

gro coeure ap fini avec yo, gain pitie pou payi a

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Aly says...


Quite interesting! ...Rather surprising that the senators had not considered this aspect of the matter before they said anything.

Do they actually take the time to think before they speak, let alone act upon serious matters of national proportion?

...Thank God, somebody was watching! ...

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Subject: Haiti - 54 Deputes vote against Senate proposed indictment of President Martelly et al. edit

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