Haiti - All 3 Branches of Goverment FAILED the Country, Depute Wilbert Deshommes says...

Haiti Depute Wilbert Deshommes of Grande Saline told the Haitian media that the 3 Powers of Haiti, All 3 branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch, have failed the country greatly. Neither of them respect the law of the land, the constitution...

Wilbert Deshommes, Depute Grande Salines Haiti

KREYOL: Depute Grand Saline la di: Tout institution leta yo fayi a tach ke pep la ba yo, ni Palman an, ni la Presidence, ni Justice la. yo tout fayi a tach yo...

Depute Wilbert Deshommes says:

"When you are a leader, especially the president, you must lead according to the Constitution. It because the constitution is not being enforced that we are in the current political crisis in Haiti"

"All the Haitian institutions have failed; they are unable to decide for the country... Parliament failed, the Presidence failed, Justice failed..."

"All the demands in the president commission report are the demands of protesters in the streets, all the recommendations are what the institutions should have done."

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Bonito says...

And to think I had thought Dep W. Deshommes's genius knew limits.

Say it outloud my brother, I suppose none of these so-called analysts saw that until you brought it up. Many congratulations to you for arriving on the

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Candy Rieger says...

Depute Wilbert Deshommes is quite out of touch with events of the last 4 years.

It has been the executive branch (presidency) that has struggled to govern under the constitution with major hurdles from the legislative sector.

Maybe he should walk the streets of his

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Mike Stallone Sylvestre says...

I kindly ask the international community to helh Haiti maintaining

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