Guy Philippe Reacts to Aristide Return

Guy Philippe, one of the leaders of the 2004 Haitian rebellion that led to President Aristide to leave Haiti, gave his reaction to the return of Aristide to Haiti... A shocking revelation...

Guy Philippe tells Haitian radio Signal FM...

In Haitian Creole: "Aristide's return is a big step for democracy... this is normal... no one can prevent him from returning to his country... I am very happy to see him return... Aristide is free to do what ever he want... He may go back to politics if he so chooses... I welcome him..."


What is your thoughts on Guy Philippe reaction to Aristide's return to Haiti?

Is this the reaction you expected from Guy Philippe?

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A Real Chimere says...

He is a traitor and he dares make the mistake of comparing himself to Chavez and Che. How dumb must he be?

They would have never sold themselves to the devil like he did. He needs to watch the movie called "The enemy within".

He thought that he could trust and please the snakes, but they showed him a snake will always be a snake.Look at them now. Fucking Haiti without a condom.

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A Real Chimere says...

He really is not telling you that his conscience is killing him. But it is. Every night he goes to sleep he must feel the hell he helped to create in Haiti.

Now listen to his words, listen to his words.

This asshole followed fake haitians (Elites) who are only there to suck the blood of poor natives Haitian.

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Mike Ste says...

Vagabon an pe dada li, Guy Philippe se on trait e li min'm avek ti element frap la, se de gros papa

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Jean Mike says...

hey Guy Philippe now were thinking about you because haiti about to have a better change in the future that's the reason why we need you back in haiti to lead army. hop you come back to your country without

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

Pa bilye li kapab onet et sinser paske li vlye viv nan peyil tou si li pa fer sa lap viv nan kache pou la vil. Tout neg se ayisyen gen doua poul viv la kay li san ker sote. pa gen okin lot peyi ki ta gen doua antre ayiti pou al mare ni pran neg pou aretel ni voyel nan lot peyi. paske ledear ayisyen pa ka antre ozeta zuni pou arete yon ameriken san li pa gen lod nan men otorite ameriken.

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

Good science rema that shows how Haiti can pay its military and Police officers to better train and educate them. Instead they choose to destroy the life of 8000 military families living, wives, husbands, and kids and friends dying of starvation to hire 15000 personal members of the international military to pay them all this amount of money while destroy the army for fear of coup d' etat. Thank you very much for your insight.

May the almighty protect and guide you always.

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Harold Fleurine says...

guy philippe was living in hidding for all the 5years of preval, now he try to confess himself and trying to get somes support from the public, he still a trait, don't beleive

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Marygharlynn says...

mwen espere sal di yo soti nan fon zantray li, men tou pa bliye li se jandam pale li dwe bay ochan pou nen pot sak monte.

inpi tou m'dil mesi paske m'vle tounen lakay

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Veritepafacil says...

Minustha is playing about 15, 000 soldiers about 1, 500 US dollars a month that equals to 22, 500, 000 US million dollars.

(15, 000 x 1, 500 = 22, 500, 500).

So, if you hire 5 Haitians (4 men and one woman) at $300 US dollars a month that would equal 75,000 Haitian soldiers (1, 500 / 300 = 5 x 15, 000 = 75, 000), and those 75,000 are connected to 75, 000 families.

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Fafa says...

Yes, this is good, now it is time to forget all the hate that we have for each other, after all that happened in Haiti, it is not the time to fight Mortal Kombat.


good declaration mr

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