Duvalier Visit 'Surprise Pour Moi' French Ambassador to Haiti Says

Duvalier Visit 'Surprise Pour Moi' French Ambassador to Haiti Says

Didier Le Bret, The Ambassador of France in Haiti, told reporters in a press conference that the French government had no idea that President Jean Claude Duvalier was traveling to Haiti.

Really??? So... How did President Duvalier get to Haiti?

Ambassador Didier Le Bret says that Jean Claude Duvalier does not have any travel restrictions... He is not in any restricted travel list...

"He was free in his movements," The ambassador says, "he had a residence permit that allowed him to move in France or abroad, that is why there was no alert when he left Paris for the Guadeloupe."

What do you think about this?

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Mizeliah says...

Fara! mwen pa kwe ke JCD tap aksepte dil sa a nan min merikin pou-l vi-n presidan provizwa paske m-siye pa gin 19 an toujou, li byen informe de pep merican an, li viv a letraje li we koman lot nasyon dil ak gro lyon an e li we koman gro lyon an devore yo.

Tout etranje kap di nou metel nan prizon voyel fo dimanch, li fe trop krim. gouvenman pa yo fe plis krim anba tab ki sa yofe anyin.

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Richelle says...

Yes that is true things was Ok for us.We haitian we have no idea of what we whant in life. If we whant to call for an arrest, Aristid,Preval are the one to call for that not baby doc.He was the best of

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Max Mills says...

My question is this :if any Haitian reside in another country for more than 5 years why on earth one wants J.C.D.to be part in our politic ?That is what the constitution says, and again why people do believe the is back to be our president.

Would not it be a shame to put him in power, because he was once or for his name. First of all he is welcome because he wasn't as bad as people portrayed him. When he came to power he was young and naive, he didn't know politic at that time .He was a kid protected by Jacques Gracia .The latter was rough and everybody around was afraid of him. He always has his gun in his hand never in the holster.

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Gabart says...

bravo pou bel pawol sas

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Danielle says...

Welcome home ex president, ler ou te la pat gen bonjou fatra, kidnaping, te gen class, nou te gen honer, pep ayitien te gen resper.

depi grangou sa yo pran pouvoi ce sou fatra nap mache.bien kontan ou vin ouer peyi a pa entre nan politik frem rete dousman pou yo pa

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Fara says...

that's BS all 3 countries are aware.


Jean served to his times.

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