My question is this :if any Haitian reside in another country...

Max Mills - January 17 2011, 8:09 PM

My question is this :if any Haitian reside in another country for more than 5 years why on earth one wants be part in our politic ?That is what the constitution says, and again why people do believe the is back to be our president.

Would not it be a shame to put him in power, because he was once or for his name. First of all he is welcome because he wasn't as bad as people portrayed him. When he came to power he was young and naive, he didn't know politic at that time .He was a kid protected by Jacques Gracia .The latter was rough and everybody around was afraid of him. He always has his gun in his hand never in the holster.

After his death whoever was a minister became a thief in the government including J.C.D.after seeing what was going on ..J.C.D.wasn't bad as I said before .The tontons makoutes were the culprits, they abused people, they were gunmen with a license .they were the power within a power.

No one could retaliate with one or if do you give away your live. Leh sa tout moun mache sou piga'w ou .That is why Haitian are so humble in most situations.The man has the right to come back because he is a French citizen .He has the right to go anywhere he choose.

Haitians people never forced him to leave but other countries in the neighborhood encouraged him to run.But Aristide was a living murderer who wanted the power with violence, kill people for his own gain (sacrifice).

Aristide wanted Haitians people to be afraid of him in terms of science.

(voodoo) He did too much while in power that is why he lost credibility in the eyes of many. When he came he was the messiah with a mission but in fact he was a wolf in disguise.

If Haitians want him back so be it but I see no sense for his return.

(se mwen ki di'l )

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