Duvalier In Haiti, The Haitian Media Humiliated On Day ONE!

Last night Haiti news reporters rushed to the Caribe Convention Center to cover the return of Jean Claude Duvalier ONLY to watch the foreign press enter with ease while the Haitian reporters were shoved, pushed, and kicked out by police.

One female Haitian news reporter said that a police officer shoved a police baton right smack against her breast and started pushing back.

"There were so many people there," the reporter says, "there was nowhere to go... I had to defend myself... he was hurting me... so I bit his hands..."

There you have it...

Is Jean Claude Duvalier's relationship with the Haitian media is starting on the wrong foot?

What was that all about?

What is your opinion about this?

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Mireille Jean-marie says...

Jean-Claude is leading by example.

If he armed himself with courage and return to our broken Haiti then we all can do the same. The reporters are fearful for his safety and people are unsure how Haitians will react to his return.

Let's be more welcoming so that others can trust Haitian reporters and not question their motives.

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Jean Compas-vizyonlakay says...

that is a too simple and cowardly answer, the truth is the truth our own people have been selling us to our neighbors for years and simple minded respond always protected them why our they prepare to let the etrange press in and not its local natives we need to stop taking care of our neighbor's yard and take care of our own thats why our back yard look so

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Saint Charles says...

They said French's gonvernment has no clue about Duvalier to go to Haiti.

I would like to ask this question: What kind of pastport did he use to to Haiti diplomat pastport or regular Haitian or French

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Neg Maron says...

ti jules, tande sal pral di'ou la m'pral ba'ou bon consel ak bon bet

leu ou senti keu cervo'o guin cholera se pa pou pale enpil non min se kimbe sa kap sot nan bouche'ou pase li ka bien pa senti bon

Manman se yon tresor tres cher et nan ecran sa'a manman nou tout se ayiti

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L. Jules says...

kolanget manman'w nou se jounalist

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Ronald Altieri says...

Thank you for the question of: "Is Jean Claude Duvalier's relationship with the Haitian media is starting on the wrong foot?"

With all due respect! What relationship with the media are we referring to?

Does he have a relationship with the Haitian Media?

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Maleine says...

I think it was a unplanned circonstances and proper arrangements wasnt made for the media..

I think theire will be another conference later this week..

And necessary arrangements need to be made for the haitian journalist..

Having him coming Back to haiti unexpectadly has definately raise lots of qustions and of course will attract media attention.

And im sure haitian media will be ok with him

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