Duvalier in Haiti, Chaos at the Caribe Convention Center

There seems to be a lot of commotion in at the Caribe Convention Center as the motorcade carrying former president Jean-Claude Duvalier is scheduled to arrive.

We don't know yet what is about to happen there but assume that the president Jean-Claude Duvalier will be holding a press conference at that location.

So far it's chaos...

Police and UN officials have barricaded the area, we've been told, and even Haitian reporters are having a hard time to enter the grounds of the Caribe Convention Center.

Rete Branche...

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Richelle says...

Thank you for understanding my point.

Those so-called politician now think Jean Claude was bad.Me I say

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Ealsi says...

Thank you rechelle let them know how much our country was beautiful.

I'm from the country side ansd spend all my time in cap-haitian I always said that we will never have a so beautifull country like that anymore.

President clinton went for his honneymoon when the duvalier was on power.

Haiti was beatifull and people like me and you will always talking about this beautifull

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Richelle says...

Hey you listen who there hell you think you are to say my Jean Claude can't go back to his land. He is Haitian, for once when he was in power Haiti was a country.

I do not know what part of Haiti u from, but for me when i was a kid never go hungry, never depend on u s of a to send help for us as haitian to sovive.The Capital was clean at all time, no kidnapping, walk around at all time, no fear,15 year old gurl was not in the street doing prostitute, no zenglendo all these things started after he left Haiti so hop u fell me.I am a true haitian love my home to death, so pround to be, I do not care what other stupid people think about Haiti but for me it is a bless to be apart of Haiti.

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Kettelie Exilus says...

nou vreman kontan pou retou ansyen presidan nou sa fe nou kontan anpil tout sa ki pa vle anbake nou vle soti anba mize apre bondye se duvalier ki pou repare

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Alaqueleuleu says...

C' normal, puisqu'ils sont des

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Maleine says...

Well Mr. Jean Claude Duvalier welcome to your country after all Lakay se lakay...

Tout moun fe peche alo kite misye fe pati pal bal yon chans au mwen mezanmi nou tout vle pou al jige Genyen ki kapab ap fe pi red pasel anvan pou nou lonje dwet sou yon prochin gade tet nou anvan...

Se bondye selman ki gen dwa di yon Mo nan sa...

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Derns Jean says...


Every one has to come back for rebuild

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Mr. Nau says...

Preval has to be involved in this fiasco! Duvalier should not have any rights to return in Haiti.

If the man really cared about our nation, he would stay away! He has caused enough harm to the people the economical situation and the total degradation of the land. Had he be a man of honor, when he was 19 he had the power to step down and promote democracy, but instead he chose to abuse power and pursue the rape of the country his father started...

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Chris T says...

I am here in Paris I am very close to JCD friends no one talk about this

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Mario Philo says...

Mwen ta swete pep la pa janm bliye kote yo te ye, epi kisa sosyete internasyonal la vle fe. Mwen panse tout Ayisyen gin dwa pou retounen lakay yo depi yo rekonet tout neg brave ki gen san African nan venn yo dwe lib.Pep Ayisyen pa dwe ap domi. Nou se neg lib epi nou pap pran nan manje ranje fromaj gate sa Lafrans ak Meriken vle mete nan ratyea pou nou la anko. Yon lot 1915 pap kabab yon posiblite pou kominote international la. Mwen ta swete pep mwen an kimbe unite yo epi rete vijilan pa janm domi. Jean Claude Duvalier se tout yon nouvo fason pou fe nou yon gounin ak lot; se tout yon lot chimen pou gro ponyet je vet antre pran piyaj.

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