Did Wyclef Get Shot or NOT? - Haitian Police CANNOT Confirm

The Haitian National police cannot confirm the fact that singer Wyclef Jean's injury is in fact from a bullet wound. Wyclef Refuses to meet with the police.

Haitian Police spokesperson, Gary Derosier, has just reported to Haiti Radio signal FM that Wyclef's car is fully armored and there is NO trace of bullets holes on the car.

"We are trying verify that Wyclef's wounds are indeed from a bullet," Gary Derosier said, "but he refuses to talk to police!"

Officials from the Petionville DCPJ (Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire) are at the hospital and they say that they still cannot confirm the news but it is currently under investigation.

So... Did Wyclef Get Shot or NOT???

We don't know but he is injured and in the hospital

What do you think happened? Why wont he talk to police?

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Marie Elie says...

E li merite pran deux bon boulet, yon vrai boulet nan main-li e lot la nan bouche li paske yon grandet con wyclef pa dwe bay groce manti sa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa merci

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

I am just coming from church, and I heard about the news of this gut got shot by whom, for what, why, where, and when that is happened?

Everyone is repeating the same thing true or not about this, we urge the public and bloggers to reaffirm the true about his condition; May God protect and secure our brother.

However, one writer said that if it is happened Haiti is deep problem that is a big lie, and how many Haitians that got killed every day and that no one come to their help and even re-posted against their death.

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Ti Rene says...

Chill people! Looks like a flesh wound cause he is not even getting IV fluids, which means he barely loss a drop of blood!
I think this is a stunt as part of a remake his video "If I were president" AND also a way to increase sympathy music downloads on

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Gerry says...

I think Wyclef tried to play the world.

I think he should be arrested if he made the story.

at 2:30 am the police could not confirm it and he, Wyclef declined to talk to

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Sarah Prioleau says...

I hope to God this is some kind of mistake, because if it isn't Haiti is in deep doodoo.

Wyclef has fans all over the world; he is loved by Americans and Haitians particularly in the diaspora.

Let us hope this is somekind of miscommunication.

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Dark Knight says...

A secret eyewitness said wyclef was shot at outside car and that the story is true. Ppublic relations officials from the government of us, france and canada has begged him not to say anything that would make the tet kale people start acting up and possibly loose the election.

Not to talk to anybody until after election is very smart.

If i was him i would not say anything at all to anyone, because that is smart for

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Hit Em Up says...

Yes, Wyclef Jean got shot in his right hand; but how this happened?

Wyclef has in his possession a bullet-proof vehicule; Wycleff not only refused to cooperate with the Police but also no evidence of bullets impact found inside as well as outside his car, and he has a heavy security detail.

Remember, this is a crucial election.

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