Delmas Haiti - More Tent City Evictions

Get out... Get out... People are complaining they have nowhere else to go but Delmas Haiti Mayor Wilson Jeudy continues to clear out the camps in his city of Delmas...

In a radio interview, according to AP, Mayor Wilson Jeudy says...

"We can't give people a public square as a gift to set up tents favorable to gang activity"


There is a belief in Haiti that billions of dollars are coming and everyone in a tent city will get a FREE house courtesy of the government. TRUE or FALSE?

In your opinion what is the best way to deal with the tent city residents in Haiti?

Do you agree or disagree with the actions of Haitian Mayor Wilson Jeudy?

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Linda says...

Linda Chery, I do agree with you. History has shown that when a population is involved in the decision making process, they tend to trust the process more than when they are kept in the dark. I hope Pres Martelly has someone who advises him on

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Linda Chery says...

I agree with his statement, unfortunately actual victims will suffer.

It is my opinion that some work should be done, officials should set up a verification process and assess victims and nonvictims train personel so they ask pertinent questions allowing a valid assessment to sift out with said results set up services to assist the actual victims.

believe it or not if someone was siting with individuals, talking to them and identifying their individual situation and offer them a plan most of them would be empowered instead of thinking that manipulation and thievery is the way to get something from the

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Mrmr says...

My cousin in Haiti had told me this a few weeks after the earthquake, "the tent cities that was popping up in Port au Prince was the majority of poor people coming from the country side to see what benefits they can get".

I agree with Mayor; it was a tough call but this have to be done not only in the tent cities but in other areas of Haiti, Haitians in Haiti have to start following the rule of law. Haiti needs tough leaders and that was tough decision.

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Jocelyn says...

When I was growing up, people did not rely on other people.

Everybody work to support their family.

Now, they have no shame to ask people to pay their children school fee for private school, because, they cannot go to public school.

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Jwphilippe At says...

This is a poor mentality to think that somebody else will come to your rescue.

After a hurricane, an earthquake or any type of natural disaster, if you loose your home or your life, too bad. You are on your own. All the emergency services would do is to save life that are in danger as much as they can. Do not expect the Government to hold your hand for the rest of your life and your generations to come. Move out of Port-au-Prince, Find some place in the country to work and built your shack, find something to do in the rural plantation, work for farmers, apply for government's properties.

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Jay says...

Mayor Wilson
I congratulating you since 1998 when I was in high school when I saw a young men over twenty yrs old playing marble when I get home I told my sister and my friend if the Haitian government

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Andrea Samedy-bertin says...

Hey Ms. or Mr. Jean Pierre Alexander you appear to be a psychopath and a coldblooded killer.

Probably, you may be the most dangerous element that surfing Martelly blog and BelPolitik.

By judging the content of your writings, you are displaying a sadistic tendency to hurt other who are in adversity or whom you disagreed with. That also suggest you may be a serial killer at large.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Good job mayor, nothing free in this world let them know that too.
They most came from somewhere!
Send them back to the country side where they came from.
They shit in my front gate and all over the rest of the neighborhood with no mercy and

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Jwphilippe At says...

It is uhfortunate that we have been hit by the earthquake but there is no reason for us to continue to live like animals.

Two years passed since the seisme that devastated our Capital city and some of us accept to stay under the tent to touch the world pity.

Most of them had never have a home, they use to live, urine and empty their belly in the streets.

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Neg Lakay says...

Tent people need to leave Port-Au-Prince.

This is for sure. Where are they going to go without money for a bus ticket.

The Martelly Administration should provide them with a place to go to. You just can't tell them to get out without giving them another place to go to. Even by Haiti's standards, this is just not fair. The Tent People who are the sons and daughters of Haiti Thomas should not be treated with no respect.

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