Plateau Central Haiti: Délégué Departemental Budry Coriolan calls on residents to stay calm

Budry Coriolan, the new Délégué Departemental of the Centre Department of Haiti, is calling on all citizens in the Plateau Central to remain calm and return to their daily activities. Délégué Budry warns the population to beware of misinformation designed to disrupt public peace.

Budry Coriolan, Delegué Departemental du Centre
Budry Coriolan, Delegué Departemental du Centre

"The Delegation of the Department du Centre is asking every citizen of department, Haut and Bas Plateau, to remain calm," he said.

Délégué Budry Coriolan thanks the people of Plateau Central Haiti for their understanding and he says he will do his best to to help maintain an atmosphere of calm and stability in the department. "My arms are wide open," he said, "to every member of society living in the department."

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Budry Coriolan, le nouveau Délégué Départemental du Centre, appelle tous les citoyens du Plateau Central à rester calme et à reprendre leurs activités quotidiennes.

Délégué Budry recommande à la population de se méfier des informations erronées destinées à perturber la paix publique.

"La Délégation du Centre demande à chaque citoyen du département Haut et Bas Plateau de rester calme", a-t-il déclaré.

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