Hinche Haiti

Plateau Central Haiti: Delegue Departemental Budry Coriolan calls on residents to stay calm

Budry Coriolan, the new Délégué Departemental of the Centre Department of Haiti, is calling on all citizens in the Plateau Central to remain calm and return to their daily activities. Délégué Budry warns the population to beware of misinformation designed to disrupt public peace.

Hinche Haiti - Budry Coriolan swears in as Delegue Departemental du Centre

Agronome Budry Coriolan has just sworn in as the new Delegue Departemental du Centre, Plateau Central Haiti, replacing Marie Denise Bernadeau.

Haiti - Depute Fred Piton Returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you

Hinche Haiti Depute Fred Piton took some time to go to one of the villages outside the city of Hinche to say thank you to those who voted for him...