75 year old Haitian man worried for the life of president Jovenel Moise

A 75 year old man living in the Centre department of Haiti told us yesterday that he was very concerned for the life of President Jovenel Moise. The old man said he wishes to send a message to the president to tell him to be very careful, especially in his entourage.

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target)
President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target)

President Jovenel's enemies want to get rid of him because, most of them are so hungry for power and they have no intention of using that power to serve the people of Haiti.

Second, some of richest people in Haiti want to continue making money and getting richer the easy and corrupt way. They're used to doing it for so long, the old man said, corrupt poor government officials so they can maintain control of the Haitian economy. The poor Depute from the countryside get a house, the rich man gets everything else, the people get nothing. That's the Haiti I've known all my life, the old man said.

The President should be more worried about some people close to him, the old man said, because he's not allowing them to engage in acts of corruption. When you are fighting corruption within your inner circle, you become vulnerable, your life is in danger.

"In my years," the 75-year-old old man said, "tout moun bezwen pouvwa an Haiti pou yo ka fe sa yo vle (everyone wants power so they can do whatever they want)."

"Se yon sèl bagay yo vle, fè lajan nan move kondisyon, woule bèl machin, epi zafè pep la. Pou yo fè sa, fòk yo sou pouvwa."

(They only want one thing, make money in illegally, ride around in fancy cars, and to hell with the people)

"Anpil moun ki antoure prezidan an, se te entansyon yo sa: al fè fotune yo sou do pèp la. Si jovenel refize kite moun sa yo vòlè lajan leta, y ap eliminie misye pou yo relouvri komès koripsyon an."

(Mose of the people surrounding the president, that was their intention from the start. Make their fortune on the back of the people. If president Jovenel refuse to allow these people to do as they wish with State funds, that will certainly put his life in danger. The business of corruption must continue.

"Si m te nan pozisyon pou m te pale ak prezidan an, mwen tap di l veye zo l, veye lot la!"

(If I was in the position to speak to president I would tell him to be extra careful) the old man said.

What do you think about that?

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