Insecurity in Haiti

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Home of Fanmi Lavalas' Pasha Vorbe attacked by armed bandits Sunday

Fanmi Lavalas Logo Haitian political party Fanmi Lavalas is complaining because armed bandits attacked the home of Pasha Vorbe, one of the top leaders. more »

Senator Don Kato : People in power in Haiti are distributing weapons in the ghettos

Senateur Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy Former Haitian senator Antonio Cheramy alias Don Kato claims it is those in power who are distributed weapons in the Haitian ghettos (quartier populaire) of Haiti. more »

Gang leaders call me All the Time, Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said

Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean Live on Television Haitian Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean made a huge declaration live on television admitting that many gang leaders call him all the time. "All the time, they call me all the time," he said. more »

What is President Jovenel Moise doing to stop banditry in Haiti?

Jovenel Moise delivering a message to the people of Haiti Haitian President Jovenel Moise said has given formal instructions to take urgent measures to counter armed bandits that threaten home peace and public security. more »

New Haiti PM classify gang activities in the capital as "armed guerilla"

Jean Michel Lapin - Haiti Prime Minister Haiti, since 1986, has been developing banditry, Haitian prime minister Jean Michel Lapin said speaking to the media Tuesday, It's something is done about it, he said more »

Insecurity : Haitian Prime Minister leaves parliament building under heavy gunfire Tuesday

Haiti Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin talks to the media while leaving the Parliament building While Haitian prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin was inside the parliament building ready to leave, armed bandits were in the perimeter discharging their heavy weapons. more »

We have to start looking for the bandits in nice suits, Haitian Senator Gracia Delva said

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin and Senator Gracia Delva Senator Gracia Delva proposes that the Haitian justice system begins to hunt down the people who are financing insecurity in Haiti. more »

75 year old Haitian man worried for the life of president Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) A 75 year old man living in the Centre department of Haiti told us yesterday that he was very concerned for the life of President Jovenel Moise. The old man said he wishes to send a message to the president to tell him to be very careful, especially in his entourage. more »

Mirlande Manigat cries insecurity in Haiti, no one is safe, after gunmen shoot Eric Jn Baptiste

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat Listen to this audio... Mirlande Manigat reacts after armed gunmen opened fire on Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Eternal, the current secretary general of RDNP Monday morning. Listen to his AUDIO... more »

Senator Jean Marie Salomon says no one is safe in Haiti, not even the President of the Republic

Haiti Senator Jean Marie Salomon Following an incident where he almost got shot near the parliament building, Senator Jean Marie Junior Salomon says no one is safe in Haiti, not even the President of the Republic Jovenel Moise. more »