Insecurity in Haiti

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The same Steven Benoit who was raging for president Jovenel Moise to step down is now crying about Ariel Henry handing the country over to bandits

A political alliance between Andre Michel and Steven Benoit, established since August 2015 Former Haiti Senator Steven Benoit recently took to Twitter to voice his concerns about Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his Chief of Police Frantz Elbe being so evil that they are handing over more territory to the bandits. more »

A "robust use of force." is needed to restore law and order in Haiti, says UN chief Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, holding a press conference in Port-au-Prince Haiti In a report presented to the Security Council, as reported by Reuters, U.N. chief Antonio Guterres emphasizes the need for a "robust use of force." by a multinational police deployment and use of military assets is needed to restore law and order in Haiti. more »

Haitians believe the sudden rise in gang violence in Haiti is manufactured to justify a UN intervention

Haiti's gangs are more powerful than government (WLRN) Some people in Haiti and the diaspora believe the rise of gang violence in recent days is manufactured in order to justify a military intervention in the country. more »

Haitians seek Refuge outside US Embassy walls in Port-au-Prince running away from gang violence

Photo of Haitians seeking refuge at the US Embassy  running from gang violence Running away from the constant gunshots and gang violence in the Haitian capital port-au-prince, many Haitian citizens flocked to the front of the US Embassy in Tabarre. They cannot take it anymore and they are crying for help from the US. more »

Asking those in power in Haiti now to hold Free and Fair elections is like asking the Sun to Shine at Midnight

Andre Michel and his pals made every attempt to get rid of President Jovenel Moise The UN Security Council continues to ask Haitian political leaders to get together and allow for the organization of free, fair and credible legislative and presidential elections in Haiti. They are singing to deaf ears. They are asking the sun to shine at midnight. more »

UN Security Council thinking about sending a Non-UN peacekeeping force to Haiti. How will that make Haiti safer?

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, holding a press conference in Port-au-Prince Haiti Ever since the assassination of the Haitian president, the United Nations and leaders of the Free World have been dealing with Haiti in a "musical chair" kind of way. Their newest plan is to bring a non-un peacekeeping force to Haiti. How would I bring peace and prosperity to him? more »

Haiti Security - BINUH's mandate was renewed for another year until 15 July 2024

MINUJUSTH taking over where MINUSTAH left off The UN Security Council hhas Extended the Mandate of United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BUNUH), Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2692 more »

Assassins are assassins, we will treat them as such, Haitian prime minister said. does he really mean it?

Haiti government : A prime minister is linked to the assassination of the president, a Justice minister is linked to the kidnapping of a pastor In a recent visit to the Haitian National Police, Haitian prime minister Ariel Henry declared that from now on he will treat criminals like criminals and assassins like assassins. Is this another "all talk and no action" by the Haitian government? more »

Armed gunmen attack Haiti's National Palace, BOID forces them to retreat

Haiti National Palace under attack, presidential guards keep watch while do pedestrians run for their lives Haiti's National Palace was under attack mid-day Wednesday, October 10th 2021. more »

Ariel Henry - Operation Plen Poch : Rony Timothee says everyone on board with PM Ariel are just filling up their pockets

Rony Timothee, once a harsh opponent of slained Haitian president jovenel Moise, now an opponent of the current Administration claims there is an operation "plen pòch" (fill up your pockets) that is currently at play in this new Administration. more »