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Cortege Mirlande Manigat Fek Rantre

Radio haiti anonse ke Cortege Madame Mirlande Manigat fek rantre lakay li. Nouvel anouse ke Barie li femen e pa gen mwayen konnen kisa k-ap pase nan... more »

Wyclef Says Sunday's Election Is One For The History Books!

Haitian rap star Wyclef Jean is calling the second round of the Haiti elections 'Historical' Wyclef tells CNN... "This was done, the majority of it... more »

Two Haitian Policemen Arrested For Interfering with The Elections

Over a dozen induviduals including two Haitian police officers were arrested on election day in Haiti for various reasons including weapons... more »

Haiti Election Results - Final Result Date

The final results for the Haiti elections will be released on April 16. Haiti Electoral Council president Gaillot Dorsaintvil made the announcement... more »

Haiti Election Results - Preliminary Results Date

The preliminary results for the Haiti elections will be released by March 31 at the latest. Haiti Electoral Council president Gaillot Dorsaintvil... more »

Haiti Election Day - The only thing that matters today in Haiti is change

Haitians turn out to vote for change. more »

SMOOTH election day in Haiti, Miami Herald Says

It was a day of missing ballots, late starts more »

Port-a-Piment Haiti Election Day - 2 people arrested

Two voters have been detiained by Haitian police in the city of Port-a-Piment Haiti for attempting to vote more than once. These voters have been... more »

Grand Riviere Du Nord Haiti Election Day - Delegue Departmentale Arrested

In Grand Riviere Du Nord Haiti, the Delegue Departmentale was arrested on weapons charges according to Haitian radio. Haitian police made it clear... more »

Cap Haitien - INITE Candidate Caught Voting multiple times

Cap-Haitien Haiti - INITE Candidate for Depute Pierrot Augustin was caught voting multiple times in various polling center in Haiti. Haitian radio... more »

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