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New York police step up surveillance and harassment of political activists

New York police step up surveillance and harassment of political activists According to wsws-org on 8 May 2012,article by Peter Daniels, The New... more »

65 million de gourdes criminellement gaspiler pour canaval july 2012

65 million de gourdes[65,000,000] criminellement gaspiller pour le canaval des fleurs de july 2012 Haiti carnival des fleurs July 29-30-31, 2012 A... more »

Haiti Carnaval des Fleurs during a cholera epidemic is a criminal action

The Caribbean region is on a high state of medical alert as of July 2012 because of the propagation of cholera that is spilling beyond the Haitian... more »

PM Lamothe must be careful with those Dominican organized crime

According to dominicanwatchdog-org on 19 July 2012 article republished from defend-ht, Possible Closing of All Border Markets Prime Minister Laurent... more »

Must see audio video Lamothe-Martelly

Critics said that Laurent S. Lamothe needs to improve his elocution and charisma but Agent-X like Lamothe more »

When celebrities become philanthropists

According to on Saturday 28 July 2012 article by John Colapinto, "Nobody believes that Kardashian went to Haiti for humanitarian... more »

America's instruments of oppression

According to english.pravda-ru on 15 May 2012 article by George Green, Only days before the president's trip DARPA, the US Army's Defense Advanced... more »

Drones and the new U.S. war policy

According to english.pravda-ru on 13 February 2012article by The U.S. defense secretary, Leon Panetta, recently announced that the government of... more »

Antigua & Barbuda told to prepare for cholera

According to crofsblogs.typepad-com on 26 July 2012, Via the Antigua Observer: A&B told to prepare for cholera. The Dominica link will take you to a... more »

Videos, mensonges Haitien,mensonge bourik vide,mensongesoufle nan tiou,

Michel Martelly is Running from Reality Parc Industriel Caracol.m4v "Un autre pays est d more »

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