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Agency-X-1804 is relocating to Chicago, Illinois

Agency-X-1804 will not be able to resume its activities on the blog as it was scheduled for this Saturday January 28th,2012. We are in the process... more »

Agency-X-1804 Memorandum 01092012-A-TT

Be advised that Agency-X-1804 and its staff do not reply to frivolous letters, empty threats or entertaining exchange of thought, correspondence... more »

Be aware that Monel, Pretty-1, etc are not connected to Agency-X-1804

Newlywed couple on this blog is trying to equate every new name that surfaced on this blog as staff from Agency-X-1804. Let me reiterate that... more »

Haitian-Vitamin-News-11-11-11►Tension in Aquin Roadblock on Rte Nat # 2

News about Haiti has been interrupted because of threat of a thermonuclear exchange between East and West resulting from the insistence of Israel to... more »

Agency-X-1804 Staff up date News

11 October 2011 12:34:22 hours U.T.C. Agency-X-1804 is delighted to welcome the following two new staff members: ►Agent-Z: will be our new... more »

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