The opposition causes more harm to the country then Jovenel...

Hen - October 12 2019, 1:39 PM

The opposition causes more harm to the country then Jovenel.

The opposition is not in favor of the country.

Remember the word of Andre Michel ** If Jovenel is elected president I will turn the country to ashes** that was his vision for haiti he is accomplishing now.also Youry Latortue said there is no way for Jovenel to accomplish his vision for Haiti.Also the word of Dimitri vorbe ** Sa pou Habitant fe avek kouran 24 sou 24. Boulos that he finances the ongoing manifestation.

Think Haiti with a constructive opposition with no personal motives of revenge or power hungry or camouflage.

all these money invested to destroy haiti could of be use to make life better in the country.

In the so call opposition none of them are united they have their own personal agenda.

Jovenel will betray the country and the people who vote for him to let angry mobs to take voer the government.

they created the havoc in the country each with their group gangs which they created.

If it wasn't for them Haiti would be better off in spite the failure of Jovenel in great proportion is their fault trying to protect the fail system in place for their own selfish interest.

Please don't trust them they are evil.Just look what Haiti has become because of them.They all are corrupted and have their hands dirty.

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